The Opening: Damon Webb Update

Ohio State commit Damon Webb from Detroit Cass Tech has been representing the Technicians and Buckeyes well at The Opening. After a good day in 7 on 7, he spoke to Fox Sports NEXT and answered questions from fans about his future in Columbus, not picking Michigan and more.

Damon Webb profile

Is earning a fifth-star part of your motivation?
Yeah, I would definitely say it's part of my motivation to be in that class of five-star, elite athletes, so I feel like that would be a big accomplishment.

Who is your favorite past Ohio State corner?
I would say Malcolm Jenkins, 'cause he was an all around corner. He could hit, make a lot of plays, interceptions, so I would say him.'s complete coverage of Opening 2013 presented by NIKE
How much are you looking forward to being part of the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry?
I'm really looking forward to that rivalry. I'm from Michigan and I have a couple former teammates that are going to Michigan, so that actually adds to the rivalry for me.

That actually leads well into the next question, of all the guys on Michigan's roster or incoming guys, who are you closest to?
I'm close to all of them: JD (Jourdan Lewis), Delano (Hill) and Dave (Dawson), I'm real close to them and Terry (Richardson).

Who are some of the guys you and the other commits are recruiting?
Here at The Opening, we're definitely working on Raekwon, Curtis Samuel, those two definitely, and Demetrius Knox.

What about other Cass Tech guys? I know they're recruiting some young kids at Cass, what is their opinion of Ohio State right now and how is Ohio State being received at Cass?
Ohio State, those guys, the class below me, they love Ohio State. They have them in their top already, Mikey (Weber) and Josh (Alabi) and Jayru (Campbell), he's looking to get an offer from them, so those three like them a lot.

How big a reason was Kerry Coombs in your decision to go to Ohio State?
Everything. That was why I made my decision, because I want to be coached by Coach Coombs. I feel like he's going to better me as a man and he's going to give me a chance to play on the next level and make me better.

Why didn't you pick Michigan?
At first, I thought I was going to be a Wolverine, but as the recruiting played out, I knew that Ohio State was the place to be because I knew I wanted to win.

Are you enrolling early?
No, I'm not.

Was there a time or a moment when you knew you wanted to be a Buckeye?
I would say it was like, middle of the football season when I knew I was going to go to Ohio State, it was just a matter of when I would commit.

What have you done today to prepare for THE GAME?
Today? Just practicing.

Has anyone in Michigan given you a hard time about committing to Ohio State?
At first they did, but now people talk to me, just teasing me, playing and laughing, nothing serious.

Is there a guy you'd compare yourself to or pattern your game after?
I would defintely say Bradley Roby. I like how he plays the game. I think I'm similar to him.

Who is the toughest receiver you've faced?
I faced a couple tough receivers. I faced Laquon Treadwell, that was a tough test and Ermon Lane, he was pretty tough.

What do you do when you're not playing football? Any music, movies, or anything you like?
I just listen to music. That's basically what I do and just hang out with my friends. I like hip-hop, Meek Mill, a local group in Detroit called Team Eastside, I like them.

Last question, and someone really submitted this, do you think I look like Manny Pacquiao?
Laughs. Yeah, you do a little bit.


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