The Opening: Drew Barker Update

The centerpiece of what is shaping up to be a great recruiting class for Kentucky, quarterback Drew Barker has had a nice week at The Opening, and as usual, is recruiting on behalf of the Wildcats. He talks about that and more here.

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Can you talk about the work you've done with the guys out here and how it's helped you?
Yeah, I really feel a lot better. They've cleaned up my drop and basically they told me that 90% of where the ball goes, your accuracy, is tied with your feet and they've really been just working with my feet and my quickness in my drop. The quicker you get back, the quicker you get to see everything and the timing all evens out, so they've been working with me with that and also just shortening up my motion so I feel a lot better.'s complete coverage of Opening 2013 presented by NIKE
For a kid from Hebron, Kentucky to come out here and play with the best in the country, how has that been for you?
It's awesome because I never get to play against these guys or will until I get to college, but it's just fun to come out here. They're funny guys and there's not one bad player out here, so it's just awesome to be in this type of environment, having these guys here and the time we get to throw and to play again is awesome.

Are you recruiting anyone here for Kentucky?
Yeah, Braxton Berrios obviously, Montel McBride, a lineman from Florida, so there's a few guys, Josh Malone, so yeah I'm always recruiting.

The Kentucky fan base seems so crazed, especially when it comes to recruiting. What's it like to have that kind of support behind you?
I've always know they've been crazy because I was a UK basketball fan and they love their basketball, so obviously the basketball fans, they want to have a good football team, but they haven't really in the past, so that's what we're changing. We're turning things around, a complete 180. There's a ton of fans. Big Blue Nation is worldwide, so it's awesome to see them coming out and supporting the football team too.

The class seems really tight knit too, it seems like everyone is getting in on the recruiting act, what's that like?
It's awesome man. We;re all really tight already. We schedule these visits so we all visit at the same time. We have another one July 19 where we're getting all the commits going on up and recruits too, Berrios is coming, Stanton Truitt, Matt Elam, so we're going to get our big guys there and getting to mix and just keep recruiting and just bonding and all that good stuff.

Have you seen Thaddeus here or played against him?
I haven't played against him, but I think it's a good sign when, every time I play, I hear touchdown Thaddeus Snodgrass, Kentucky commit, but I actually saw him down here catch a 70-yard post for a touchdown. He's a beast and he's only going to get better in college. I can't wait to play with him.

Last thing, what are your goals for your Kentucky career?
You know I want to get to an SEC championship. That's the ultimate goal because if you get there, there's no telling where you can end up, because the winner of the SEC makes it to the national championship or the playoffs, so definitely just get to an SEC championship, win the SEC championship, win all the rivalry games and basically all the standard goals that anybody else would have.

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