The Opening: Iman Marshall Update

The Long Beach (Calif.) Poly 2015 cornerback, Iman Marshall, talks about the experience of being at The Opening...

Long Beach (Calif.) Poly 2015 defensive back Iman Marshall is one of the select underclassmen at The Opening.

"It's a great experience, especially being a 2015 guy, that's great," said Marshall. "They only selected a few of us so that's amazing."

And because of that, some of the 2014 guys have been testing him.

"They're underestimate us because we're young, and I think there is a lot of jealousy because a lot of guys didn't get picked last year, so we have to really ball out," said Marshall.

Marshall has always played with older players.

"I've always been competing against older guys and my dad put me in a situation where I was always playing against older guys and bring out the best in my abilities," said Marshall. "It prepared me for this situation right now."

On the recruiting front, Marshall is holding almost 20 offers and already has a good crop to choose from, but is in no rush.

"The two hometown schools, USC and UCLA, are recruiting me real hard and really want me," said Marshall. "I went up to the Rising Stars Camp at USC and was up at the UCLA Elite Camp too.

National programs have offered too.

"Florida State, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Michigan, Notre Dame, Nebraska, Wisconsin are some of the national offers I like," said Marshall. "But no rush. They're all equally balanced, because they're working on the 2014 class, so they're all balanced right now."

The hometown schools are making their pitches for Marshall.

"USC and UCLA are on me hard, and that's my hometown," said Marshall. "But I'm trying to keep it balanced for everyone else."

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