Youth Didn't Hinder Marshall at the Opening

Despite being one of the few 2015 prospects in attendance, Long Beach (Calif.) Poly defensive back Iman Marshall was one of the standouts in Beaverton, Oregon this week. The Golden State star took time out to discuss his performance, his recruitment, his interest in Michigan, and more.

Sam Webb: How do you think things are going for you out here?

Iman Marshall: “It’s going real well. Being an underclassman and being chosen to be out here at this camp… it’s a great experience. I think I did good, but next time I know I have to improve. You always want to improve. “

Sam Webb: It really seemed like you were one of the standouts in one-on-ones. It really seemed like you felt comfortable. Did you feel like that as well?

Iman Marshall: “Of course, of course. Going against the top guys since you were in the 8th grade, it tends to get like that at times.”

Sam Webb: For people who haven’t seen you play, kind of define your game.

Iman Marshall: “High IQ, physical at the line of scrimmage, just understands the game of football and the position of DB, but still needs to improve on a lot.”

Sam Webb: What are the biggest areas of improvement when you’re out there at corner? Things you need to improve on?

Iman Marshall: “Being more patient. I feel like I’m too antsy at times. I think I need to be more patient. I also feel like – top end (speed). I have to work on my top end and stuff like that.”

Sam Webb: One of the ways you offset that top end speed of some of the guys you faced is by, like you said, being really physical. Do you feel like you’re one of the more physical guys out here?

Iman Marshall: “Yeah, of course. I feel like I was one of the more physical guys out here.  I’m trying to show what I’m about, and show them that 2015 guys are out here representing too. “

Sam Webb: A lot of people say that down the line with your size, your range, and how physical you are that you might be suited for safety. Is that a possibility for you, or is it corner all the way?

Iman Marshall: “I want to play corner. I’m a cornerback; I feel I’m a cornerback, so I’m going to play corner.”

Sam Webb: Give me an idea of what your scholarship numbers are right now. Obviously you’re getting them from all over the country. How many offers do you have?

Iman Marshall: “17 as of right now.”

Sam Webb: Have any of those schools started to stick out just yet?

Iman Marshall: “No. I still feel that everything is equal because they’re still filling out their 2014 rosters and stuff like that.  So I feel like everything is equal. Next year I think that that’s when everything’s going to show.”

Sam Webb: Most people are saying that you are going to stay out west. Is that a great possibility for you, or are you open to leaving the west coast?

Iman Marshall: “I’m still keeping it all open because I might say something now, and it might change in the future. So I’ll just keep it all open.”

Sam Webb: What do you think about Michigan at this point?

Iman Marshall: “I love the Wolverines. Great football tradition and it’s a football city. I love it.  Hopefully I’m going to try to take a visit up there and look more into the program."

Sam Webb: I spoke with you about your Michigan recruiter Dan Ferrigno before.  So what’s the vibe like with him?

Iman Marshall: “I really like him. He’s a cool guy; he’s laid back too. I like his swag.”

Sam Webb: Give me an idea of when you think you’re going to start narrowing things down.

Iman Marshall: “Next year. Late next year.”

Sam Webb: And then decision-wise, when do you think you’re going to be lining that up?

Iman Marshall: “I think into my senior year I’m going to.  I want to take my time with this process because at the end of the day it’s life changing.  The decision that you make right now, it’s going to dictate your life experience for the rest of your life. “

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