Cloy excited for visit

Darrell Cloy is planning a visit to Arizona at the end of the month. Read on for his thoughts on that and more.

La Habra (Calif.) tight end Darrell Cloy is one of the more highly regarded athletes in California and a player that the Arizona coaches have been focused on for some time.

"I talk with the Arizona coaches as much as possible," Cloy said. "They like what I bring to the table and they think they can move me around and put me at tight end or h-back or any number of places just to give them matchup flexibility.

"I can tell they really want me to become a Wildcat, so that means a lot and it's something that will factor into my decision."

Cloy is hoping to get out to Arizona this month for The opening of the new facilities.

"I plan on getting down there for the grand opening in July," Cloy said. "The coaches have been talking about it for awhile and they want to get a lot of prospects down there for that. I'm anxious to see the players and just see how everyone gets along and how the players and coaches interact.

"I don't have anything scheduled after the Arizona visit, although I would like to get down to New Mexico, if possible."

One of Arizona's academic departments is especially intriguing to Cloy.

"I plan on majoring in criminal justice," Cloy said. "I've been looking at that for awhile now and I know that Arizona has a good department for that, so that is another reason I like them a lot.

"I'm excited for the visit for a number of reasons and I just want to get down there and try to visualize what it would be like to be there for four or five years."

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