Big Dawg: Marcus Green

Marcus Green wanted the chance to compete and show that he deserved consideration from the state of Mississippi's SEC programs. After camping at both Mississippi State and Ole Miss, Green believes he has done his part. Green was part of a talented group of recruits on the campus of Mississippi State University for the Bulldogs' Big Dawg camp last night.

Marcus Green profile

"I feel like I had a great performance," said Green with a grin. "I feel like it was one of best performances of the summer.

"I feel like I have gotten better over the summer and it showed here."

Green believes that the sheer amount of talent he has to face off again caused him to elevate his game.

"The level of competition was great," said Green. "There were some very good DBs here.

"When we went into the one-on-ones, it was the best versus the best, so you have to just show what you've got."

Green was hoping to impress Bulldog receiver coach Billy Gonzales over the course of the event.

"He liked what I did," said Green of his potential position coach. "He said that I did pretty good.

"I will find out more from him as he continues to evaluate me.

"I talked to Coach (Dan) Mullen a little bit in the meeting room and I am hoping that I get the chance to talk to him some more."

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