Dupre visits Bama

Five-star Malachi Dupre, the top-ranked WR in the country out of John Curtis Christian, made his initial visit to Alabama yesterday. What was his reaction? Where do the national champs stand with Dupre? Will he visit again? Get the answers inside...

Malachi Dupre made his first appearance at Alabama and, after taking things in Sunday, he's ready to make room for the Crimson Tide among his list of potential frontrunners.

"It was nice," Dupre said, "nicer than I expected. The buildings are all either brand new or refurbished and renovated.

"My family liked it, too. I know Alabama is a great place and didn't want to make my decision without visiting a special place like that. They've moved into my top and I'll be back."

Dupre hasn't released an official list of leaders, although he's made it clear that LSU, UCLA and Florida State are among the schools that have a nice shot at landing him.

"I might wait it out until National Signing Day in order to take all the official visits I'd like to take," he explained before continuing his recap of yesterday's events.

"I was with Coach (Burton) Burns basically the whole time I was at Alabama. He's cool. I've been knowing him a long time.

"Everyone was saying Coach Saban must really want me because he met with me for an hour and 20 minutes, and the previous record for a recruit was an hour and six minutes."

Dupre elaborated on his meeting with the Crimson Tide head coach.

"My impression going in was that he's strict and is strictly business," Dupre said. "He's that way to an extent, but I think he may have the perfect balance because he's a cool person with a good sense of humor, too."

Dupre was originally expected to visit Florida State this week with teammate Mattrell McGraw, although he says plans have changed and he'll likely take a solo trip to Tallahassee in the near future.

John Curtis welcomes Westgate of New Iberia to River Ridge for a 7v7 matchup tomorrow.

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