Stone-Davis Double Take

Tyrin Stone-Davis couldn't wait until his birthday on Thursday to commit to Illinois, but twin brother Tyree did, and now the two are bound to join forces at Illinois.

After Tyrin Stone-Davis committed to Illinois on Tuesday, it was only a matter of time before his brother, cornerback Tyree Stone-Davis committed to Illinois as well.

Celebrating their 20th birthday, Tyree completed the twin sweep by joining his brother as a member of Illinois' 2014 class.

"It's double the fun," he joked. "It's a blessing, I just feel so blessed."

The two have grown up together their entire lives and have never been apart, so Tyree figured, why split up now?

"It's super cool (to play together)," he said. "To continue our legacy will be great. I'm happy to continue together there. He's my brother and nothing's going to tear us apart. We're together every step of the way."

Tyrin, the receiver and Tyree, the corner, have been battling it out as long as they can remember. But at the end of the day, the goal has always been one thing: to get better.

"We always battle it out in one on ones," he said. "We're competitors and help each other get better. We push each other to be great."

Illinois has made several key upgrades on the offensive side of the ball in the class of 2014 through both transfers and recruits, but Tyree S-D is a cornerback suited to match up against the bigger receivers of the Big Ten.

"Like the coach said, they can put me at the boundary and have me man up against the opponent's best receiver and shut him down," he said. "I'm looking forward to winning games and making plays."

The opportunity to play in his favorite college conference also was a big draw to Tyree. When Tyree committed, he mentioned the advice that former teammate at LA Pierce Trevor Kanteman gave him. Tyrin got that same advice, and his brother even chipped in, too.

"It's in the Big Ten and I love the Big Ten," he said. "I've always wanted to play in the Big Ten. I felt comfortable with the Coaches. Also Trevor Kanteman was telling me all about it and I felt like it would be a right fit for me too. Tyrin told me too how he felt about it, and I decided to commit."

Tyree is a good fit for the Big Ten as well. A corner in a safety's body, he causes matchup problems for almost every receiver he'll face.

"I have good makeup speed, I'm long, I'm physical, I can press, and I can tackle," he said. "I can make the hits, and I'm a big guy. I'm fast for my size."

But quite possibly his most valuable trait is his confidence. But if you ask Tyree, he'll tell you that the mental aspect is just as important as any other skill, if not the most important.

"I'm not scared of any receiver," Stone-Davis said. "My skills and my technique will give me an advantage on the field. Yeah, when you play corner you have to be confident. If I'm just as confident as him, I can match him."

Tyree could play this fall at LA Pierce, but he feels like his best seasons are ahead of him at Illinois, so he and his brother plan to bide their time and save it for Illinois.

"I'm planning on redshirting this fall and so is my brother," he said. "We want to have three years to play at Illinois."

The change of scenery isn't all that bad either. While most people long for the warm weather and the allure of Los Angeles, Stone-Davis would rather get back to what he considers to be real "football weather."

"It feels good to go back east to play in the Big Ten," he said. "I'm from the east coast so I'm used to the weather. I feel more natural there. I don't really like the weather out in California."

Illinois may be in the distance, but his preparation for Illinois begins now. He'll graduate in December, so he wants to be as ready as possible when he steps foot in Champaign.

"I just want to take everything one day at a time," Stone-Davis said. "I want to make sure my grades are right, work out every day, stay in shape, come ready to play, and help the team."

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