Smith Shows Out at "The Swamp"

Calvert Hall College High (Baltimore) 2016 standout Rahshaun "Shaq" Smith already holds double digit offers and took part in Florida's Friday Night Lights. He spoke about the experience, and his performance, with FOXSportsNEXT.

One of the standouts at Florida's Friday Night Lights was a defensive end/outside linebacker who will be a household name in the recruiting world when it comes time to make a decision.

Calvert Hall College High (Baltimore) class of 2016 standout Rahshaun Smith, who already holds double digit offers, including one from the Gators, showcased his skills at both positions and caught the eye of the coaching staff.

"I think I did some things well," Smith said. "The 1-on-1s with the offensive line and defensive line, they were different. It wasn't the ones that I'm used to up north. Then, I went to the linebacker 1-on-1s and I think I only had one pass caught on me. I did very well there. …I didn't what I wanted to and showed what I had to prove."

Smith, who measured in at 6-foto-2, ½, 228 pounds, met with the coaching staff before the camp, and then received encouraging news from the Gators staff after it.

"When I first got there, we took a tour," Smith said. "After the camp, (the coaches) spoke to me again. They told me they saw me and I did really well. The head coach (Will Muschamp) pulled me over and said I had a great motor on me and he's really in love with me and likes me as a player. He said he wants me to come down for a game."

Not only did Smith enjoy the camp, but also seeing the Gainesville campus for the first time as well.

"It was great," Smith said. "Seeing all the facilities and the campus, it was definitely what I made Florida out to be. It was definitely great. All of the football facilities were great. They were explaining how they're hooked up with the (Riddell) Revolution guys, and they get any kind of Revolution helmets they want. That stuck out, but all the facilities were great."

Smith's impressive offer list already includes Arkansas, Ohio State, Penn State, Rutgers, Tennessee, Virginia and Virginia Tech, and he said the feedback he received from the Gators staff only fuels him to improve.

"It's just motivation for me to keep working hard and keep progressing and keep doing what I'm doing," he said. "I didn't do 100 percent at the camp, so the things I messed up on, it's just more motivation for me to get better."

Among the many things for Smith to decide is which position he will play, but so far schools are talking about him splitting time between outside linebacker and defensive end.

"Different schools want me to play difference places," he said. "(Defensive coordinator John) Butler from Penn State explained to me that if I was at Penn State, they would have me as a hybrid player, dropping back (in coverage) on first and second down and third down coming off the edge.

"I'm just preparing myself to play either one, so when the time comes, I can play whatever a school needs."

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