Scott impressed by ASU visit

You would be hard pressed to find any 2014 West Coast prospect that has ascended in more dramatic fashion that Jamal Scott has. The Anaheim (Calif.) Magnolia safety was still a virtual unknown up until just a couple of months ago. These days, he has several Pac-12 schools vying for his services. Scott spent most of this past weekend in Tempe and talked to Devils Digest about his visit to ASU.

"The visit was very nice," Scott said. "They showed me all the facilities, talked about the academics and showed me how I would fit in the defense. I learned everything about the school and it was a great visit. One thing I was really impressed by was the weight lifting program. They have seven coaches on the team, so there will always be someone there helping you out and making sure that you are working.

"I didn't know a lot about the school before I visited, but my coach, Coach Tweed who went with me on the visit went to Arizona State so I got to know some stuff about the school from him."

The 6-3 190-pound Jamal Scott was most impressed by the level of detail Arizona State safeties coach Chris Ball provided in terms of his potential role with the Sun Devils. Scott said that during that film session there was certainly a strong sense of reassurance.

"There were putting up my defensive highlights right next to their defensive highlights," Scott explained, "and it was a match. So I know if I came here I would feel very comfortable. The coaches said that I'm very versatile and that I can play in coverage and also up in the box, so that's why they can't decide yet what safety position they want to put me at.

"I'm a physical player but can still cover a lot of ground. I need to get a little more flexible, and also improve my footwork and speed. I run a 4.6 so I need to get faster."

Another beneficial aspect of Scott's visit was meeting with current players such as senior safety Alden Darby and true freshmen Marcus Ball and Ellis Jefferson to get their perspective on the program.

"They told me how hard you have to work here to succeed," Scott noted, "and that if you weren't willing to work that Arizona State wasn't the place for you. They are really serious about their business, and I like that about them. Of course I'm going to have to work hard once I get to college because you have to earn your spot. So that doesn't bother me."

"They had two true freshmen All-Americans last year, so that shows that if I went there I would have a chance to start."

Scott visited ASU both Friday and Sunday, and the safety said it was always the plan to stop by Tempe on Sunday on the way back home from the University of Arizona which he visited Saturday."

"The facilities at U of A were very nice," Scott described. "The defensive coordinator there seemed like a nice guy and wanted me to call him up later. They spent a lot of money on their faculties so I was impressed. In their scheme they wanted me to play more up in the box but when I need to I would be in coverage too."

Aside from both Arizona Schools, Scott also visited Utah and all three schools according to the safety are on his short list. Scott also reported offers from Houston, New Mexico, Oregon State and San Diego State.

"UCLA and Washington are showing some interest and could be offering me later," Scott remarked.

The safety indicated that he'd prefer to reach a decision before his season started, and will look at certain criteria to help him arrive at that resolution.

"I'm going to choose a school that just feels right for me," Scott said. "You want to get along with the players and the coaches, have a chance to start early but also know that I will have to work hard to earn my position no matter where I go. I want coaches that keep it real with you, and not coaches that tell you one thing and when you get there it's not what they told you."

When you are recruited as heavily as Scott is these days, it would be completely understandable if he would tire from the process. However, being that he was a complete unknown in recruiting circles just a couple of months ago, Scott is obviously appreciative of all that has transpired in recent weeks.

"I'm starting to get used to all this," Scott admitted. "But it's still amazing to see everything that happened. I'm very thankful for everything and looking for a good school to go to."

Below are Scott's junior season highlights.

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