Hoover 7-on-7: Mississippi Flavor

Four Mississippi teams participated in the Hoover 7-on-7 tournament and all four made the quarterfinals. Some pictures from some of the standouts from the state, sprinkled in with a couple of photos from the stars around the country.

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Hoover 7-on-7

Pictures of Prospects

1-3. WR/'16 DeKaylin Metcalf - Oxford, Miss
4. LB/'17 Thomas Allen - Oxford, Miss
5. CB/'16 Sanchez Blake - Olive Branch, Miss
6. LB/'14 Alfred Dickens - Olive Branch, Miss
7-8. LB'15 Fred Walls - Olive Branch, Miss
9-10. LB/'14 Devontae Davis - Olive Branch, Miss
11. DE/TE'14 Chris Matthews - Olive Branch, Miss
12. QB/'15 Ross Trail - Olive Branch, Miss
13-14. QB'15 Gardner Minshew - Brandon, Miss
15. WR/'14 Malik Hooker - New Castle, PA
16. S/'16 Stephen Davis Jr - Dutch Fork, S.C.
17. QB' 16 Jack Abraham - Oxford, Miss

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