Madden Returns to Rutgers

Barnegat (N.J.) High offensive tackle Sam Madden made a return visit to Rutgers on Sunday, and he spoke about the trip with FOXSportsNEXT.

It is early in the recruitment of Barnegat (N.J.) High class of 2015 offensive tackle Sam Madden, and so far there is only one program he knows a lot about.

In-state Rutgers.

The 6-foot-8, 325-pound Madden, who was offered by the Scarlet Knights two months ago, returned to campus to watch Sunday's practice. It was his first visit since he watched the Big Man Academy camp in early June.

"It was sort of the same type of (visit), but we actually could watch them practice," said Madden, who made the visit with his father. "Afterward, I talked to coach (Kyle) Flood and then to (offensive coordinator Ron) Prince for a few (minutes). So, yeah, it was pretty good."

Madden was dealing with former assistant recruiting director Jimmy Worth, who recently took a job at USA Football, so he said the coach he speaks with the most know is Flood. He also is building relationships with Prince and offensive line coach Damian Wroblewski.

"They're tough guys and I like them a lot," Madden said. "They come across as really tough, smart, determined, hungry for the game and very knowledgeable."

Madden spent Sunday's practice watching the Scarlet Knights' offensive line.

"Whether it was (individual work), drills or team (period), I was with the offensive line," Madden said. "I was watching them. For me, a huge thing for me is my footwork. I have to get that up. So, how quick their feet are off the line (stood out). It's just ridiculous."

Boston College, Iowa, Miami, Pittsburgh, South Carolina, Temple, UCF and Wisconsin have also offered Madden, and a few other SEC schools have also shown interest in him. In fact, he was slated to visit Alabama this summer, but he had to cancel the visit because of a family situation.

"Alabama, Ohio State, Georgia, Arkansas, Florida …those are programs I would like to see," Madden said. "I've already been to Rutgers a lot. I'm going to obviously keep coming back, but those are schools I haven't been to that I would like to see. As the season progresses, we're going to plan out some places to go visit."

Madden said the ability of programs in the SEC and Big Ten to develop offensive lineman is a key part of his recruitment.

"The SEC and the Big Ten are the conferences that have the best linemen the country," Madden said. "I looked it up about a week ago, and back in 2011 both conferences had 68 linemen go in the draft. The Big East is good with the linemen. Rutgers is very good with the linemen, and they're moving to the Big Ten. The Big Ten and the SEC are big-time linemen programs."

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