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Nebraska received their 11th commitment and the first four-star recruit in the 2014 class with Peyton Newell. Nebraska fans have been waiting for a "big-time" defensive tackle to follow player like Ndamukong Suh and Jared Crick to Lincoln to play for Bo and Newell is that guy.

Players simply aren't built like Peyton Newell very often. The 6-foot-3 and 280-pound defensive with 38-inch waists with the power to play inside at defensive tackle and the speed to play outside at defensive end. Newell brings to Nebraska exactly what Bo Pelini and his defense needs: a disruptive, physical presence.

How and where Newell plays for Hiawatha (Kans.) is a little interesting. When you watch the film the defense is tailor-made for Newell. It's encouraging players to try and run towards him. It's almost Waterboy-esque when it comes down to numbers. But at this level Newell is that dominant.

Newell basically lines up as a walk-up linebacker, but really plays a stand up end, and with his presence the Hiawatha defense really challenges an offense to pick their poison. Run into numbers away from Newell or at him.

What you see from Newell in high school makes him interesting to project to the next level. Newell has the strength and the technique to punish one on one blocks. He can also take on multiple blocks, split them and still make the play. While all of this speaks to his strength and leverage it's what he does when the play is away that really interests you.

Newell has incredible athleticism for a man his size. On the defensive line for Hiawatha he can chase down plays from the back-side which you have to credit his straight line speed and also the motor for the big man.

It's when you see these things together that you really have a number of possibilities at the next level. You could see a guy like Newell eating up a double-team at the one because he's strong enough and can still get a push from inside.

But you can also couple a guy like Newell with other, more athletic defensive tackles in Lincoln currently -- Vincent Valentine, Aaron Curry, Maliek Collins and Kevin Maurice -- that you really begin to realize the advantages of putting Newell opposite some of these players.

Newell is a mismatch nightmare. Want to double-team him? He keeps lineman off your linebackers and frees up others on the line with one on one protection. Want to allocate just one blocker? Well, watch some of his national combine film and see how well some of the nation's best offensive lineman did against him.

Too fast. Too strong. Too good. Newell can play the two-gap game or be a monster in the single gap. A coach like Bo Pelini has to love the possibilities a player like Newell brings to his team.

Junior year highlights:

Commitment video:

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