Lofton talks about Tulane

Miller-McCoy Academy DB Stephon Lofton talks about viewing Tulane's one-sided whipping of visiting Jackson State. What did the recent Tulane commit have to say after attending his initial college football game? Read on for full details...

Tulane's 2013 gridiron debut was a rousing success all the way around, as the Wave triumphed convincingly amid a group of visiting recruits that included Stephon Lofton, defensive back commit out of local Miller-McCoy Academy.

"It was great," Lofton said. "It was actually my first college game and it was so good to be so close to the action, right there on the field where I could see what real college life is going to be like.

"It was like I was backstage for college. I was right next to (fellow commit) Leondre James when were talking to Coach (Jason) Rollins. I enjoyed, team-wise, the physicality I saw out there. On the sideline all the positions were grouped together and I could hear the players talking about issues and problems, and how they were planning to fix it."

Lofton was transfixed by the close sideline setting.

"I saw the cornerback talking about the receivers' routes after the first series," he recalled. "He was talking, communicating, and that helped Tulane because they got an interception on the next drive.

"They were communicating. I like Lorenzo Doss and I like Darion Monroe, a safety and solid tackler. No. 20 (true frosh Nico Marley) was always in action. He'd always hop in and make the play even though he was going against the big heavyweight backs. I can't wait to play side-by-side with him."

Lofton credits his secondary coach at Miller-McCoy, who he calls "Coach T," for much of his success.

"I want to give him a shout out," Lofton said, "because since I've been around these college coaches I've noticed that Coach T teaches high school players on the college level.

"He's getting young DBs ready so they'll be ahead of the game."

Miller-McCoy's lack of depth wore the roster down in Friday jamboree contest vs. South Lafourche.

MMA is 3A, while South Lafourche is 5A.

"There's some little things we could have done to lead us to victory," Lofton mused, "but we had players going both ways and playing special teams."

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