Morgan Breaks Down Top-6

Four-star linebacker Nyles Morgan narrowed his list over the long weekend, and he breaks down each of his finalists inside.

It was an eventful holiday weekend for four-star linebacker Nyles Morgan of Crete-Monee (Ill.) who picked up a win during the Warriors season opener and narrowed his long list of offers down to six.

The six schools that made Morgan's cut are: Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, Florida, Texas A&M, Michigan State, and Tennessee.

And as for visits?

"I am going to try to take officials/unofficials to all of my top six. I will probably start setting dates next week," Morgan said.

He breaks down each below:

Ole Miss

"When I went down there I got along with Coach Freeze and the linebacker coach, it was also a factor that I have teammates down there too. I like everything that I saw on campus when I visited the two times. I really watching just like to see Quon do what he does. I was kind of expecting him to do that well."


"They made it into my top six because, actually it is all kind of the seam thing for all the schools. I like the campus the atmophere, the coaches, I got along well with the inebacker coach and Coach Franklin as well. They seem like a school that I get along with the players and everyone."


"Actually Florida has been there from the beginning, they have always stayed in cotact with me. I have always wanted to visit the Swamp and stuff I just haven't been able to because its so far away. The fact that they have always recruited me was big."

Michigan State

"They are in my top six because I have always grown up liking Michigan State, I grew up a MSU fan before I started with recruiting. I liked watching Greg Jones play, but I was always watching the game. They are also one of the first onest hat started recruiting me those are the two reasons why they are in my top six."


"I really got along well with the head coach Butch Jones, he is on a mission in the SEC. I got along well with the linebacker coach and when I visited I remember him quizzing me on stuff and schemes that he ran, and I guess I passed the test with flying colors. It's like even though they have other linebackers committed as long as they are still recruiting me then I still have a place for them in my top six."

Texas A&M

"They have the Heisman Trophy winner there and I know that the offense is good, and I realized that they were running low on defenseive players and they need linebackers. I was talking to coach at one point and he told me that it is very similar to what we run at Crete and I like that."

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