The Price Is Right

Junior College transfer Brian Price saw some action last Saturday and made his presence felt. InsideRunnerSports spoke with Price this week.

Brian Price stepped onto campus at UTSA last Spring and immediately noticed the difference from Allan Hancock College in California.

"The atmosphere is totally different," said Price. "At the juco level, everyone is scratching and crawling trying to get to Division 1. Here, people look up to us and support us. I love it. It really is a great atmosphere."

Last week in New Mexico, the intensity of that atmosphere turned up a notch as Price saw action in the first game of the season.

"It felt great to be in there," said Price "I had a little of those first game jitters. But I feel the next game I'll be able to get better."

Price was listed as on the two-deep heading into the season so his contribution was not a surprise. What was a surprise was how well he's adapted to the UTSA defense as a newcomer.

"Me coming in the spring really helped me out to get on track with these guys who have been here three years. I'm pretty confident having only been here a semester," said Price.

Although not a starter, UTSA regularly rotates their defensive line players in and out of the game, almost to the point where the starter and back up split time.

"They want everyone on the defensive line to be fresh so we can produce maximum results," said Price.

A native of Lafayette, Indiana, Price is a rare junior college sophomore. That means he has three years of eligibility left. Coming to UTSA, he's knows he's still improving.

"I'm not the type of player who will ever be satisfied with the performance I put up," said Price. "I'm coming along good. My expectations are to win and get better and better each week."

In the trenches at the defensive tackle position, the game can be very physical. At 6'3" and 315lbs, Price is certainly physically equipped to get the job done. And mentally, he has also bought into Defensive Coordinator Neal Neathery's workmanlike philosophy.

"He (Neathery) has a saying about the Hard Hat D," said Price. "So we're all about the Hard Hat D. You don't go out there unless you're ready to hit."

Defensive Line Coach Eric Roark has been working with Price fine-tuning some of his techniques.

"As a defensive line coach, he's the best coach I've been around," Price said about Roark. "He's technically savvy, he knows everything about the defensive line. Everything here is a lot more technically sound."

Price recorded two tackles vs New Mexico last week, but his focus in on his teammates, not himself.

"We're a pretty good team," said Price. "We may be the underdog but they better watch out for us."

Expect to see Price in the regular rotation at defensive tackle throughout this 2013 season.

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