Nicholson Feels Sincerity at Michigan State

Monroeville (Pa.) Gateway four-star safety Montae Nicholson made an official visit to Michigan State over the weekend, and he broke down what he learned during the trip.

When Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio took time during a rain delay in Saturday's game against South Florida to speak with four-star safety Montae Nicholson, who was on an official visit, it was poignant.

It was part of the bond Nicholson, who play at Monroeville (Pa.) Gateway, felt with the staff during his first official visit.

"Any time the head coach takes the time to talk to you before the game about what they're trying to do, that just shows me they're very interested and very sincere and they care," Nicholson said. "I watched practice and hung out with the players, but the thing that reached me the most was how sincere the coaches were. It's not like they were blowing smoke at me. They were sincere and honest with what they were saying.

"The defensive backs coach and wide receivers coach were very blunt. They don't pull punches. They're going to tell you how it is. Coach Dantonio as well. All of the coaches are like that."

It also helps the Spartans are recruiting Nicholson to play as a receiver and a safety.

"It's nice," he said. "It means it's going to take more work, but it's nothing I can't handle." Nicholson was hosted by former western Pennsylvania prep standout Demetrious Cox, but he felt a kinship with many others on the team because he was able to hang out with so many of the Spartans.

"I was having dinner with the team and chatting it up and having fun with those guys, and the game was a lot more fun than I thought it would be," Nicholson said. "It was more than I expected. I had so much fun out there, and I learned so much. Not just about Michigan State, but from football as well that I can bring back to (Gateway) offensively and defensively."

Nicholson arrived Saturday morning with his mom after a Friday night game, and attended the game against the Bulls.

On Sunday, he was able to see the campus.

"The campus is beautiful, and it's huge," he said. "I didn't realize it was first called the Michigan Agricultural College …and it took about 15 minutes to get out there and the campus was huge, but it's gorgeous. That's where they do their turf research, and things like that.

"The main campus is just like any other campus. The dorms are nice, and I was with my host and the life there seems great. Honestly."

Nicholson is set to make an official visit to Pittsburgh on Sept. 28 and to Oregon on Oct. 25.

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