Scout 300 LB visits A&M

Arthur McGinnis, a four-star junior linebacker from Warren Easton (New Orleans), was at Texas A&M Saturday to watch the Aggies lock horns with Alabama. Read on to get the reaction of the country's 16th-ranked outside linebacker...

Arthur McGinnis visited Texas A&M Saturday along with teammates Deshawn Capers-Smith and Tyron Johnson.

All three Warren Easton juniors earned offers from the Aggies during the summer.

"It was the first college game I've been invited to," McGinnis said. "It was exciting and crazy. The first thing I noticed in College Station was that the atmosphere was like New Year's when the ball is about to drop.

"I loved it. I love Texas A&M's fan base. When the buses carrying the players passed, the fans were screaming and yelling and holding up signs. Football is so important out there; it's like that's all they have."

McGinnis says his two teammates -- Johnson and Capers-Smith -- shared similar sentiments.

"They thought it was crazy too," he said. "On the way home we were talking about the Texas A&M fan base, how they all knew our first and last names and were showing us love.

"I enjoyed watching the action and talking to other prospects - interacting with them. Let me put it like this: everything about it was great. I got to talk with the A&M coaches and they were excited. It was wonderful there."

McGinnis and his teammates are 2-0 following wins over St. Amant and West Jefferson.

"We came in bumpy in the first half but do what we do best," he said of last week's 55-35 victory over West Jeff. "We came out with an extremely high mindset in the second half."

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