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Freshman left tackle Calvin Ashley has an incredibly bright future ahead of him for Orlando Dr. Phillips.

Orlando Dr. Phillips is loaded with talent. They have BCS prospects in every class.

Having said that, perhaps the most intriguing recruit of them all is left tackle Calvin Ashley. He's 6-foot-5, 256-pounds. Ashley is a freshman and a member of the 2017 class.

"He's been a starter since he stepped foot on campus and came out for practice and that's almost unheard of from around here," said Rodney Well, Dr. Phillips coach. "He's blessed. I think he has a chance to become one of the greats from this school. There is no telling just how good he can become. He has it all to be a great player."

In fact, there have been only three previous players from Dr. Phillips that started as freshman and started all four years. Already Ashley is in elite company.

Then you think about his future. Wells just shakes his head knowing what he has in this young man.

"It's ridiculous to think about," Wells said. "He's just a baby. If he works hard and does the things we ask of him, there's no telling [how good he can be].

"He has size and a great frame. You see him and how big he will be one day. Calvin has long arms. And he has great feet. He's a basketball player. And he's tough as heck. He may be the toughest kid on the team. The other day he had an abscess [in his tooth]. I thought he would miss practice, maybe a few. He played right through it."

My take on Ashley is this; first hehas no idea what he's doing yet but he has all the physical traits you look for in this position. He has size and length. Ashley has extremely long arms and great feet. He gets off the ball very well and can drive block. He can slide side to side in pass pro. At times he would be too aggressive and over-reach or take the wrong step and would get off-balance. Patience and better technique will come with age and experience. He may be the best freshman offensive linemen I have ever seen. Then again, you don't see too many freshmen starting on the offensive front. Ashley's upside is off the charts. He has a chance to develop into one of the very best recruits in his class regardless of position.

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