New School on the List for Thomas-Williams

Durham Hillside, North Carolina running back Donte Thomas-Williams has seen his recruitment take some twists and turns. Some of his orginal favorites are no longer on his list and a new school has entered the picture.

Profile - Donte Thomas-Williams

"A few of the schools that I thought were ones I would be looking hard at in the beginning I have dropped off my list." Donte also has a school that wasn't in the picture that is coming on strong in his eyes.

Georgia Tech is the new school for Donte. "They were up to see me at my school and according to my coach they are looking for that type of B-Back that can be a work horse." Tech is looking for a back that can get 20 carries and gain over 100 yards a game. "That really opened my eyes a lot." "Seeing them come out in new formations and utilizing their player's talent to the fullest is also eye opening."

Donte also talks to Tech quarterback Vad Lee. "He tells me that he really loves the football at Georgia Tech." Vad also told Donte that he loves that the coaches keep them focused on their academics. "Vad says he can see that his degree from Tech will be a huge asset when graduates. That really means a lot to me." Donte now has a top five that includes West Virginia, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Notre Dame, and Clemson. "If I were pushed, I would say that West Virginia and Florida State have a slight lead. Things have changed and could change between now and signing day." As of now, the five schools mentioned by Donte will get official visits.

The recruiting approach by Florida State at the running back position has gotten Donte's attention. "They tell me they are taking these 5'8" and 5'9"- 180 pound slot type backs. They still want a work horse back. I'll have to see where West Virginia stands." This is another area where things could change for Donte.

In addition to a possible official visit to Georgia Tech, Donte also plans on visiting for a game this season. "I'm not sure which one it will be but I do plan on coming down for a visit."

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