Stephens Hoping to Visit NC State

Palm Beach (FL) Dwyer athlete Clint Stephens is hoping to visit NC State in the near future.

Dwyer's football program is one of many football factories in Florida and the coaches and players at the school are used to an annual herd of college assistants that descend on their program.

Clint Stephens is used to it. He watched it happen to his older teammates and now it's happening to him.

Once a younger observer, Stephens is now a senior and playing a big role for undefeated Dwyer. Stephens is the team's leader in receptions, yards and touchdowns (three) and he plays on the defensive side of the ball as well. In other words he's indispensable.

"I'm doing much better because last year I didn't play a lot. I played four games last year because of school and my hamstring. I really couldn't play much so I'm feeling great about (this) season."

The season is going so well that Stephens doesn't want to rock the boat or risk distractions. He has avoided college visits or even excessive contact with colleges. That may be one reason he's having such a strong year. In turn it has helped his standing with colleges who are clearly impressed with how he's been performing.

Stephens hasn't set up his officials yet but that's coming.

"I do want to go to NC State, Florida State and West Virginia. I wouldn't really say they're my favorites but I do really like those schools. I really like NC State because I would be going there to play with my old teammate Jacoby (Brissett)."

Stephens said he and Brissett are good friends and that they have been in contact recently. It's not just that he wants to be reunited with Brissett, though that does appeal to him. He trusts what his former quarterback has told him and the message has been good.

"He likes it up there. I think I'd like it too and if I did go up there I'd be up there with him. It's a good possibility," he said.

Cornerbacks coach Richard McNutt is the coach in most contact with him.

"He's real cool. He came to one of our practices. When we talk we just joke around. I enjoy talking to him a lot."

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