Coach-Speak: Derick Roberson

San Antonio Brennan coach Stephen Basore answers five questions about 2014 star defensive end Derick Roberson. How has Derick Roberson improved from last year to this year?

Stephen Basore: "With age comes maturity, and with experience comes maturity and you know, I think he's really grown up and last year he got so much attention I think he felt like he had to be a certain way or make spectacular plays all the time. And I think he understands he can just be himself. He's a pretty good player and he can just let it come to him naturally. So I think he's a much more relaxed player, and again, age and maturity, all those things really pay off for him.

"Obviously, he's got a really nice skill set. He's really explosive; really quick. He has a pretty big body and he's fast, so he presents a lot of issues for offensive teams in terms of stopping him." It's interesting that you mention his explosiveness. Roberson said that was the main thing that he wanted to improve this past offseason. Has he gotten better there?

Basore: "That's probably him being pretty critical of himself. In my mind, he's been a pretty explosive kid. That being said, he might be a little more explosive. He might be a little bit quicker. Weights do that, hard work does that. He's tried to put in the time this summer to improve in that aspect and he's always thinking about trying to get better and becoming a student of the game and he wants to be good and he's doing everything he can to make that happen for himself. When you have a lot of talent, and you work really hard, great things happen." He weighed about 215 when he played last year. What's his weight at now?

Basore: "He was at 225 when we started. Obviously, kids can lose some weight as we start playing. But he's probably somewhere in that range." Where can he continue to get better?

Basore: "Regardless of how good you are, you can always improve. He's trying to do that and some of the things we tried to do tonight we'll learn from, and he'll learn from. And he'll get better from those experiences. When you've got a guy like that, you can try to do special things. Now, he can talk about it and say back, 'yeah, this is what we can get done, or I feel like I can do this.' And then maybe if we can adjust to make some of those things happen, we can do that. He's just always looking to get better, which is a great thing. His understanding of the game is getting better." What is Texas getting in Roberson?

Basore: "Just a really explosive player. He's the kind of guy that can really make plays. He's got to be accounted for every play at the high school level. It will be a big jump for him, but again, he's a really good player and if he continues to hit the weights and work hard and all those things, I think he'll be ready to get on the field as early as next year, if he takes care of business, which he has been doing.

"He's a team captain, he's a good leader, and he's doing everything that we've asked him to do."

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