Kyle Berger Speaks With BSB Readers

Cleveland St. Ignatius senior linebacker Kyle Berger is out for the season after suffering a knee injury in August. The Ohio State commit is one of the top players in America at his position, and a four-star prospect. Berger took the time to answer questions submitted by BSB subscribers.

The following is an interview with Cleveland St. Ignatius linebacker Kyle Berger. The Ohio State commit has answered questions posted by BSB subscribers.

HudsonBuck: Who is your favorite Buckeye of all-time? What were the deciding factors in picking Ohio State? Who is your linebacker role model? BERGER: "My favorite Buckeye would be James Laurinaitis. I would say I chose Ohio State because of the intensity Coach (Urban) Meyer brings, my relationship with Coach (Luke) Fickell, and the overall atmosphere surrounding the program and the school. Linebacker role model would be Laurinaitis or Clay Matthews."

BornAndBred47: What kind of player do you see yourself at Ohio State? What are you most looking forward to? BERGER: "I'm a player that will be a linebacker that stays on the field as much as possible, and a three-down linebacker. I'm looking forward to winning a national championship."

kicka6: What do you think of the Buckeyes season so far? BERGER: "They're playing really well and I'm impressed with the job Coach Fickell is doing with the defense. Hopefully, they can go on and win the national championship this year."

FiestaBuckeye16: What is your timetable with your rehab and returning to football activities? BERGER: "I start walking on my own in five weeks. I'm on track to resume workouts at the end of April.

FiestaBuckeye16: Are you in contact with any potential recruits that are left on the board? BERGER: "I speak to Raekwon McMillan the most, but not too much to any of the other recruits."

FiestaBuckeye16: Any coaches that rubbed you the wrong way in the recruiting process? BERGER: "No, not at all. I really enjoyed meeting all of them."

BigD555: Who do you predict will be the remaining recruits to commit to Ohio State? BERGER: "I would say Mike Gesicki, Raekwon McMillan, and of course Marshon Lattimore and Erick Smith."

mark24eagles: What did other schools pitch to you about their school, and did any of them slam Ohio State? BERGER: "Everyone pretty much stresses the same points, like tradition and playing time, and nobody really slammed Ohio State."

buckeyebauer88: What was it like when you first met Urban Meyer, and what did he say to you to make you want to be a Buckeye? BERGER: "It was very humbling, to be honest, and almost distracting once you realize exactly who you're talking to. He told me a lot things about why Ohio State was the best place for me, and I obviously agreed."

bucklover: Do you feel you will be playing next to Raekwon McMillan at Ohio State? BERGER: "I would absolutely hope so, because I really want to play with Kwon."

luvosu: What is the strongest part of your game, and what do you need to improve upon? BERGER: "I'm a player with good instincts to play linebacker, and I'm a very sure tackler. I need to get bigger and stronger to be able to compete at Ohio State."

chex1868: Has the team up north continued to recruit you? BERGER: "No, they have not."

badlandsbuck: Do you feel you are a leader through your actions, or are you a vocal leader? BERGER: "I'm more of a guy that leads by my actions, and I'm not much of a loudmouth at all. I do what I'm told by the coaches and try to pass that on to my teammates by what I do."

badlandsbuck: Do you and Sam Hubbard try to recruit other linebackers, like Justin Hilliard? BERGER: "I know Sam definitely is, and I've spoken with Justin on Twitter. That would be more Sam than me, but I just got Justin's number."

LakeCoBuck: What jersey number do you want to wear at Ohio State? BERGER: "Number-39."

TheSweaterVest: What goals have you set for yourself in terms of your recovery? BERGER: "Walking the day I'm cleared to walk is huge. I want to be fully cleared by April 17."

TheSweaterVest: How do you feel about the "rivalry" uniforms? BERGER: "I really like the different uniforms, and think they are sweet. I can't wait to wear those jerseys."

TheSweaterVest: What do you hope to accomplish before you leave Ohio State? BERGER: "I'd like to be an academic All-American, and be a three-year starter at Ohio State."

TheSweaterVest: What was your first reaction to Ohio State first starting to recruit you? BERGER: "I was humbled that a school the caliber of Ohio State would even know who I was. Very humbling. Coach Fickell was the first person I spoke to, and it was unbelievable. I absolutely love the guy and we have a great relationship today."

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