Live Eval & Film: DT Thomas Holley

NEW YORK -- was in attendance as four-star defensive tackle Thomas Holley of Brooklyn Abraham Lincoln played against New Utrecht last week, and has a live eval and game cut-ups.

Thomas Holley

School: Brooklyn Abraham Lincoln
Position: Defensive tackle
Recruiting situation: Considering Penn State, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Syracuse, Florida and Rutgers
Opponent: Brooklyn New Utrecht

What to Like

Holley is twitched up, and it shows in many of the plays in the way he fires off the line of scrimmage. He gets out in a hurry, and he has the strength to already compete at the college level.

Holley chases a play well, and considering he is 6-foot-4, 290 pounds, he is fast and moves well down the line of scrimmage. His change of direction is good, as is his balance. He can make tackles in the backfield, on the sideline and 10 yards down field, all very good commodities as a defensive tackle.

Also, Holley has good feet, which he developed from his basketball days.

What Needs Work

Technique is the biggest thing, and it makes sense since he's only in his second season of playing varsity football. When he comes out of his stance, he is explosive but he also gets too high too quickly and it hurts in the leverage battle. He spent the game getting double teamed at the nose guard position, which is not an enviable position, but he was stopped often on a bull rush.

He did need to keep his gap integrity, but if he added a rip move or was able to slip through the double team by turning his body it make a big difference. He does need to gain a bit more flexibility as well, and learn to use his hands better to keep offensive linemen from latching on.

However, once he learns to play lower, it will make a huge difference.

Final Thought

Holley is talented, but don't look at the film and make a full judgment. Keep in mind he only started playing varsity football last fall after a basketball career, so there is plenty of room for growth. His athleticism, motor and burst are enough to have elite programs in his final collection of schools, but it will take some time for him to develop technique.

Don't expect Holley to be a big contributor as a freshman, and it could take until he is a red-shirt sophomore before he really gets going. But he has the talent to turn into a big-time defensive tackle in college.

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