Lodge Putting Together Top Five

LonghornDigest.com caught up with DaMarkus Lodge after his Cedar Hill squad claimed a 35-24 victory over South Grand Prairie.

"We started out fast," DaMarkus Lodge said. "I think we had a good night overall, but we kind of let up because we were kind of feeling ourselves. So they slowly started to come back. We just learned that next time we start off fast, we have to finish fast, too."

For Lodge, it represented a challenge of a different kind. Probably the state's top receiver for 2015, he took on more of a decoy role as the Cedar Hill ground game showed its effectiveness. Lodge still made plays in the passing game, catching three passes for 36 yards and a touchdown, but he went to work as a blocker.

I think I played pretty good," Lodge said. "I was a team player tonight. I knew I couldn't come out here and be selfish because I knew that I had to do everything to help my team like blocking and I knew I wasn't going to get as many touches because the running game was going so well. I just had to block and be unselfish."

On a number of snaps, Lodge was lined up directly across from South Grand Prairie star, and 2014 Texas commitment, Jason Hall.

"That matchup, it was pretty crazy," Lodge said. "He's a pretty good player. I don't think he can play with me a whole game, so they were kind of moving him around. You're going to see a lot of me and Jason Hall in the future."

What, at Texas?

"[Laughing] We're both going to be big-time college players, so you'll just see both of us in the future," Lodge said.

Laughs aside, Lodge has made no secret that the Longhorns are among his favorite schools.

"They're a great football team," Lodge said. "They're maybe missing a couple of things where they can't quite get it all together right now, but they're on the right path. The coaching staff is great and the facilities are great, and I know the education is great because I know a lot of people who graduated from Texas."

Texas's Red River rival, Oklahoma, is in that discussion as well, particularly after a recent visit to Norman went well for the junior receiver.

"Oklahoma, they were a little bit like Texas, too," Lodge said. "I know the education is great down there, and that's No. 1 for me because I never know where football's going to take me."

Of course, the Sooners have another bullet in their rifle — Lodge's teammate, 2014 cornerback Marcus Green, is committed to the Sooners.

"He's trying to get me down there with him," Lodge said. "He's talking to me every day about it. I can't get away from the OU."

It will be tough, though, to overcome Lodge's relationship with Texas co-offensive coordinator and receivers coach Darrell Wyatt.

"Our relationship is great," Lodge said. "His former receiver at OU, David Robinson, I train with him. Everything Coach Rob does is what Coach Wyatt usually does. It's like listening to Coach Wyatt all over again. So I pretty much know everything he's teaching down at Texas … I'm doing it now."

Lodge said that point was really drilled home at Texas camp this summer.

"Everything was the exact same," Lodge said. "The way they talked, the way they pushed me to go harder, saying to not cheat myself, all of that was great. I really liked how they pulled me aside one-on-one to teach me. That let me know they really wanted me."

Oklahoma's Jay Norvell, the co-offensive coordinator and receivers coach of the Sooners, is recruiting him for the out-of-state school.

"He's a great coach too," Lodge said. "He's coached in the league. He's doing a lot of teaching out there. He knows what he's doing."

Lodge said that both of those schools "will be in my top five." When asked who else would be there, Lodge smiled and said "I'll just keep that to myself." But those looking to guess a third school could turn their attention just south of the metroplex.

"I took a recent trip to Baylor," Lodge said. "Their offense was fire, man. I loved it. It was explosive. Everything up there was great."

Lodge said he doesn't have any timetable for his decision.

"I'm not really sure yet," Lodge said. "Whenever I feel like I want to make a decision, that's when I'll make it."

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