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How did the recruits react to the NCAA sanctions on the 'Canes and closure in Miami? What did the recruiting analysts say from and

Greg Biggins, National Recruiting Analyst for and
"I think Miami has to be thrilled with what they were given. Nine scholarships lost over a three year period is really not that significant and easily manageable. No Bowl bans moving forward was another big plus and i don't see any recruiting hits in terms of players being scared away from going to Miami as a result of the sanctions."

Brian Dohn, National Recruiting Analyst for and
"What it shows me is the NCAA either didn't uncover anything or the investigation was so tainted it kept the NCAA from levying any sort of tough judgment. I feel as if the impact will be minimal and it sounds as I the NCAA handed down something only because it had to."

Scott Kennedy, Director of Scouting for and
Sometimes the threat of the unknown is more severe than the penalties themselves. Teams have been negative recruiting Miami for nearly three years on what could possibly happen the Miami program, and now that won't be viable. Miami has already taken the brunt of their penalties as time served with the self-imposed bowl ban, so today's news is almost like coming off of probation entirely. Losing three scholarships off of the initial 25 is really not losing any scholarships at all. It will only prevent Miami from oversigning by a smaller amount. Hurricane fans can celebrate how their administration handled this alleged infractions, because the worst is behind them.

Greg Powers, National Recruiting Analyst for and
"It's never an ideal situation to have sanctions placed on the program, but the loss of nine scholarships over a three year span, shouldn't have a noticeable effect on the product you see the Hurricanes put on the field."

Chad Simmons, National Recruiting Analyst for and
"I think this is a win for Miami and the football program. Al Golden has been through a lot since he took over as head coach, but he has pulled through, and gotten this program back into the top 10. He can deal with the loss of nine scholarships over the next three years, and to have this behind him completely now, he has to feel good about the future. There is only positive feedback from the Miami recruits and they are the future of the program. It has been a good day, better than many may have expected for the Hurricanes."

Mike Bakas,
"Today's announcement was huge for the Hurricanes. It finally puts the NCAA to rest, and that's something that Al Golden and his staff has been forced to recruit against over the last couple years. And, unfortunately, they lost out on some really good players who simply didn't want to go anywhere near it. That won't be the case moving forward. Golden and his staff have recruited tremendously well over the last couple years and I expect it to get even better now. As for the 2014 class, the Hurricanes only have 74 players on scholarship right now so, despite the scholarship reduction, they will likely still sign a very big class in February."

Billy Atterbury (OL) Clearwater (Fla.) Central Catholic
Class of 2015
"I think it is a long over-do decision. I'm happy for Miami that all of this year's hard work won't be for nothing at the end of the year."

Braxton Berrios (WR) Raliegh (N.C.) Leesville Road
Class of 2014, committed to Miami
"It's great to be a Miami Hurricane."

Nigel Bethel (CB) Miami Booker T. Washington
Class of 2014, committed to Miami
"It's a real relief. Now I know we can be in a bowl game and it makes me feel more comfortable coming to Miami."

Deon Cain (QB/WR) Tampa Bay Tech
Class of 2015
"My reactions are neutral. I don't really care about the sanctions because I love the U."

Trevor Darling (OT) Miami Central
Class of 2014, committed to Miami
"I was happy about it because everybody wants to play in bowl games, so the fact that they didn't ban us from any bowl games, that's a good thing. I wasn't really worried about the sanctions because I was going to go to UM anyway. That's just where I want to be. The sanctions weren't going to stop me from going."

Torrance Gibson (QB) Plantation (Fla.) American Heritage
Class of 2015
"I really have no comment on that situation you know? It was the NCAA's call & they made it."

Trent Harris (DE) Winter Park (Fla.)
Class of 2014, committed to Miami
"Well, I think it's great that they weren't banned from any bowl games and I know that the current players on the team just got an extra boost of excitement! I just can't wait to go out there and win a national championship!"

Tristen Hoge (OG) Pocatello, Id./Highland Senior
Class of 2015
"It is good that they avoided the bowl ban but it's still too bad they lose nine scholarships. I haven't heard too many of the details surrounding the case so I don't know how accurate my opinion is."

De'Amontae Jackson (LB) Citra (Fla.) North Marion
Class of 2015
"I think coach Golden is not worried. He will continue to build the program. And he will keep winning and that will help out with a few lost scholarships and make more people want to go to Miami."

Demetrius Jackson (DE) Miami Booker T. Washington
Class of 2014, committed to Miami
"Well it's about time. It's a great step forward for the program and the players. I believe it gives the players a sense of urgency, they know they can go win a national championship this year."

Vincent Jackson (OLB) Tampa Jesuit
Class of 2014
"Wow, well that basically means nothing."

Sony Michel (RB) Plantation (Fla.) American Heritage
"Not bad, their program will go to the top."

Lorenzo Nunez (QB) Kennesaw (Ga.) Harrison
Class of 2015
"Miami should be able to absorb this ban pretty well."

Darrion Owens (OLB) Orange Park (Fla.) Oakleaf
"I'm excited to hear about the great news and can't wait for the U to get back into the national championship again."

Scott Patchan (DE) Tampa Freedom
Class of 2015
"The sanctions don't mean much. It's not going to affect me either way how I feel about Miami."

Christian Pellage (OT) Brooksville (Fla.) Nature Coast
Class of 2015
"I feel the punishment is reasonable and hopefully they learned from their mistakes. None of this will affect my interest. I base it off of the education program and the football program."

Brandon Powell (RB) Deerfield Beach (Fla.)
Class of 2014, committed to Miami
"I'm glad to see they finally got it all situated, but it's sad that they lose those three scholarships for three years. That's three players that we need. But those scholarships they do get, we just have to come in and work. Everybody's gotta come in and work. It's a relief because now some of the recruits that were waiting on that, they can go ahead and pull the trigger. Maybe we can get some big guys."

Michael Smith (OLB/DE) Miami Northwestern
Class of 2014, committed to Miami
"I'm glad that the team can move on from that and can play in a bowl game."

Chad Thomas (DE) Miami Booker T. Washington
Class of 2014, committed to Miami
"I am just happy that we will be able to compete like the other colleges going to bowl games. The three scholarships won't hurt if everyone does their job and handles their business in the program."

Mark Walton (RB) Miami Booker T. Washington
Class of 2016, committed to Miami
"It's a pretty good announcement for us. We can go out there and compete for a national championship and a bowl game. We're just losing scholarships, it's hurting the team, but we can still compete for a national championship."

Jordan Woods (DE) Ocala (Fla.) Trinity Catholic
Class of 2016
"They still are a great university."

Joseph Yearby (RB) Miami Central
Class of 2014, committed to Miami
"It's very, very good, because I thought we weren't going to be able to go to bowl games or do anything other colleges could do. My commitment to Miami is very strong. I'm not really going there for games or anything, I'm going there for the education, try to do my four years and get my degree."

Note - Mike Bakas, Corey Bender, Amy Campbell, Jason Higdon, Wayne McGahee, III, and Chad Simmons all contributed to this story.

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