In-Depth Look at 2016 4-Star Willie Allen

Go inside to learn all about John Curtis Christian 2016 four-star offensive lineman Willie Allen, as Patriots' coach Jeff Curtis discusses the 6-foot-7, 270-pound sophomore left tackle...

A handful of elite 2016 prospects were recently awarded stars, including John Curtis Christian School offensive tackle Willie Allen.

"He's playing really well for us so far," Curtis coach Jeff Curtis said. "Willie's a first-year starter, and really everything is still in front of him. He's still learning the position.

"We didn't know the position he'd play for us until one day he said, 'Coach, what about the o-line?'"

That's worked well, Curtis acknowledged.

"We said offensive line would be perfect for us, and so last year he learned the position all the way from getting down in his stance," he said. "There's been phenomenal gains by him over the last year. He's more than held his own - and look at the competition he's gone against."

For example, Allen went against Edna Karr five-star DE Gerald Willis, a senior, often during the Patriots' win over Karr a few weeks ago.

"Willie has absolutely the same level of potential as the top offensive linemen who have come through Curtis," said Jeff, son of head coach J.T. Curtis Jr. "He moves well at 265 to 270 pounds. He moves more like he's 235.

"His arms are so long...we don't do a heckuva lot of pass blocking during games, but he excels at it with natural upper-body strength and his feet, which are a testament to how much basketball has helped him as an athlete. He has a great two years in front of him for us."

Curtis lauded a couple of other linemen for taking Allen under their wing.

"The guy next to Willie, guard Brent Ruiz, is helping him," Curtis said. "And our center, Tim Luwe, is our glue. His older brothers, Allen and Matt, both played at Curtis.

"Tim is a 5-9, 230-pound center who makes all the calls. Those two guys - Brent and Tim - have really helped with Willie's progression."

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