VIDEO: Mora on Thursday

Jim Mora updates the injuries and talks about the team's attitude heading into the final five games of the season...

Jim Mora:

Opening statement:
It was a good practice, a good week of practice, one more tomorrow and then we'll get ready to roll against Colorado.

On Jordon James:
He'll be a gametime decision, but he looked pretty good today.

On Eric Kendricks:
Gametime decision. We'll get him out there, see how he does.

On other injuries:
Goines, nah, he hasn't done much so I think he won't be going. Steven Manfro is out. Sprained (ankle). He's got it in a boot. He'll recover quickly.

On Paul Richardson:
I read that he's going to probably play. He's a great player. He's fun to watch on film, but not fun to think about playing him. He's a really good football player. He can run.

On Paul Perkins:
I think just like always, you see who's rolling and you give them the ball. As many plays as we run in a game, they're all going to play. I think it's good that Paul got to start and got to be the featured back and that will help him moving forward.

On Damien Thigpen:
Damien Thigpen has looked great this week. He did a couple of things in practice yesterday that you watch on film, and you're like, he's back, a couple of cuts. I think he's feeling really comfortable, and that's good for us, he's coming back at a great time. Hopefully he can. The timing of getting Jordon back and Thiggy back, it's a good time with Steven going down.

On how much they've missed Jordon James:
Probably more than we thought we would. I think when he left, and got injured, he was the fourth leading rusher in the nation. You take the fourth leading rusher in the nation out of your lineup, it hurts. I don't know that we anticipated that would be the case. I think those other guys have done a good job. He's a good blocker, he's got maturity and in the open field he's so elusive. We went back this week, and you always go back and look at what you've done and what you've had success with and we went back and looked at a couple of games earlier in the season when Jordon was playing, and just that open field elusiveness. When you've seen it and then you don't see it, it looks better when you go back.

On if he's communicated to the team they can't have any more losses:
I don't talk about can'ts and losses. I try to keep it positive. We've got five championship weeks, starting with this one this week and that's what we talk about.

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