A More Mature Coleman

Will Coleman made an unexpected commitment to Mississippi State earlier this season. The Tyler Junior College product reports that his attraction for Mississippi State has only grown since that time. For now, Coleman is finishing up his coursework, but he has an eye on his Bulldog future.

Will Coleman profile

"We finished up the regular season and we're supposed to be going to a bowl game now," said Coleman. "We find out tomorrow evening, if I am not mistaken.

"I feel like we had a good season and I am proud of how I played."

Coleman took a step forward this fall after putting a solid freshman year under his belt.

"I think this year I was a lot more instinctive, faster and violent," said Coleman. "I know the defense better, so I am able to react quicker and not freeze up like I did some last year.

"I got a lot more reps this year, so I was able to make more plays."

Coleman reports that he is in touch with the Mississippi State coaching staff a couple of times each week and that he is eager to join the squad in the summer.

"I can't wait to get up there," said Coleman of Starkville. "I am thinking about heading down there this weekend for the Alabama game, but I am not sure yet.

"I am looking forward to getting down there and getting to work.

"(Jeremey Chappelle) has told me that it's still football and it's still the game we have always played, but this is big man football.

"He told me you have to always be about your business."

The three star defensive end had the chance to watch his future team take on Texas A&M and Heisman award winner, Johnny Manziel.

"I thought they had a great game plan and they didn't really let Manziel, be Manziel," said Coleman. "They were able to contain him and make him throw more from the pocket.

"He likes to get outside and run around and make things break down, but I thought they did a good job of containing him.

"They sacked him more than any other SEC team and they did a better job on defense against him than Alabama did."

While many other junior college players will be enrolling at their new schools in January, Coleman will be a summer school entrant.

With some coursework still to complete, Coleman believes he has made the most of his time in Tyler.

"Coming here has been a positive experience for me," said Coleman. "I feel like I have taken advantage of my second chance.

"When you get to JuCo, you can keep doing the same things you did in high school to get you to JuCo or you can change as a person.

"I feel like I made the changes that I needed to make and I am ready to go make the most of my next opportunity at Mississippi State."

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