Sharpe is ready to announce

The wait will come to an end Thursday when Jacksonville (Fla.) Providence massive offensive tackle commits to the college football program that he plans to play for. The journey has been somewhat short for Sharpe who has only been playing organized football for less than four years, but it also a process that the family will be glad it is over.

David Sharpe stands all of 6-foot-6 and 285 pounds and just looking at him out of pads, you can see why college football coaches all over the country were interested. Because of this, the process this season has been a tough one on the Sharpe family.

"It's been kind of nerve wracking and exciting as well," Sharpe's father who is also named David said earlier this week. "He has worked so hard. It was like a shot in the dark for one thing because of the school we were at (Providence) he was there to play basketball. It was really moving fast and it exploded. It was nerve wracking to him because he never really experienced anything like it."

Things started settling down later in the process and by the time the 2013 season started the younger Sharpe was able to handle all of the hype.

"He got used to it as the season moved along," dad said. "He is excited to make his announcement this Thursday and I am so glad. It is hard to concentrate with school going on and he has to be in this place and that place. It was rough on him, but he did it."

With Sharpe's massive size he was bound to attract football coaches, but it is his quickness and the ability to move for his size that sets him apart from others his size. His father says that comes from playing basketball all his life.

"The basketball thing… I always had David playing basketball," dad said. We have a goal behind our house. I always worked on his foot work. He really took it in. I think basketball helped him be a better football player. He's only been playing football for less than four years and been playing basketball forever."

On Thursday, Sharpe will announce his decision publicly about which school he will attend. Mr. Sharpe says David won't be doing the old hat ceremony for everyone. He will make an appearance in school garb.

"No sir, he is just going to come out and talk about the team he picks," Mr. Sharpe said. "When he gets out there he will have all of the stuff on."

Four teams seem to be in the mix with two that stand out as we finish the process.

"I think he is looking at Florida, Tennessee, LSU, and I guess Georgia," the elder Sharpe said.

LSU made a late push for Sharpe and gave him the feeling they were serious about his desire to also play college basketball.

"They are saying that the opportunity for him to play is quite obvious and he can contribute," Mr. Sharpe said of LSU. "David is also looking for the opportunity to play basketball too so that is going to be a big reason wherever he goes. They came in late and have been talking to him."

Georgia was on him big at one point. The Sharpe's really liked head coach Mark Richt and have nothing but nice things to say about their experiences with the Bulldogs.

"Georgia was one of my picks because of some of the things Mark Richt said," Mr. Sharpe said. "Early playing time and he could also play basketball there too. He really wanted that place where he could play basketball. David wants to play early as well."

The Volunteers of Tennessee have come on late and strong. Head Coach Butch Jones has been a key reason that the Sharpes like the Vols.

"I thought it was nice when they offered and they really showed us a good time," the elder Sharpe said. "When you travel like that you don't get a chance to enjoy yourself because you are constantly moving. It was really nice and I thought Butch Jones was a really standup guy."

The local team is the Florida Gators and there is no denying that the family liked the Gators for quite a while. For Mr. Sharpe and his son, he likes the way the Gators made David a priority through the entire recruiting process. He said it matters little that Florida doesn't have an offensive line coach or a coordinator right now.

"I think Muschamp is a really good guy and is going through some things right now," Mr. Sharpe said. "I don't like to speculate on jobs and those things, but when something isn't going right you have to blame someone.

"To me I think Florida has been stand up because they were after David from the beginning. If he chose them it would be a good choice for him."

"I think Muschamp might be calling David a little more. I think Mark Richt kind of backed off a little bit. I think Butch Jones has picked it up with David. I am waiting to see where he is going to go."

In the end, his college degree and the chance to get on the field early in his career are two important factors for him among many.

"His education is the main thing," Mr. Sharpe said. "He wants to play early, he's a big guy, ready to play. He wants to keep it relatively close and keep the traveling down to just so many hours. He wants to feel real comfortable with the coaches, stuff like that. It will be a big decision for him."

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