Getting to Know the Huff Twins

Bolingbrook (Ill.) has plenty of up and coming prospects, including a pair of twins who had big junior seasons -- Jacob and Julian Huff.

Two twins had a big impact on Bolingbrook's season this year, juniors Julian Huff and Jacob Huff.

There are two of them for the Raiders, twins, Julian, who stands 6-foot, 205 pounds and plays linebacker, and Jacob who stands 5-foot-11, 200 pounds and plays defensive back.

You might not be able to tell them apart at first glance, but they both have different strengths on the gridiron.

"I think my best strengths are my work ethic, and and that inspires me and motivates me to be the best," Jacob said.

"Some of my strengths would include my play recognition ability, also my quickness from one point to another," Julian said.

Plus, both have different goals in the offseason.

"Some ways I want to improve this offseason are to get stronger, faster, and smarter," Jacob said. "Although, the most important thing to me is to keep my grades up."

"One way I would like to improve this off-season it's too get stronger and bigger but still be able to maintain the speed." Julian said.

And recruiting is starting to get pretty busy for both of the twins as well, both brothers seem to echo Jacob's sentiment.

"Recruiting is going well, and I have really enjoyed the process. I do think some colleges are interested in us," Jacob said. "And I'm hoping to get an offer during this offseason."

Plus, they've got an entire season left for the Raiders -- and are pretty excited to be able to play together for at least another season.

"The best thing about playing with my brother is we think the same," Julian said. "We are able to push each other to greater lengths in all aspects of the game, and it not only made us better as players, but made the team better also."

Jacob agrees with his twin brother.

"Some of my favorite parts about playing with my brother are that me and him share a connection on the field that I don't have with any other teammate," Jacob said. "It almost seems like we are on the same page every single play. Also, playing with my brother creates a competition that makes both of us better. For example, if he gets more interceptions one year, then I most definitely will work as hard as I can to get him the next year."

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