USAAAB: Travonte Valentine

Just how solid is Miami commit Travonte Valentine? "100-percent" he said Monday, even though he is taking visits to several other schools before signing day.

Sometimes a verbal commitment gets complicated -- for defensive lineman Travonte Valentine of Champagnat (Fla.) is committed to Miami, but still taking visits.

"I am taking an official visit to LSU next week and then I am going to Alabama then Miami after that," Valentine said. "You know I am looking just to learn a lot from the defensive line coaches and the defensive coordinators and just to see how they run schemes and why they do what they do. All the other types of stuff, but just to learn thats it."

The four-star tackle participated in the first day of Army All-American week Monday, and reflected on it a bit.

"It went well, got into the backfield a little bit. i loved it. I loved the competition out there," Valentine said.

That competition was something that really made the event special right off the bat.

"I expected the competition, it is actually more than I expected. You know, I almost got blown off the ball a couple times," Valentine said. "It's good competition, that is my fault for not keeping my head on the swivel. You know I love it."

Plus, Valentine has learned a lot from being an Army All-American already.

"Yeah, my defensive line coach taught me a lot. The defensive coordinator taught us a lot about the schemes and the twists and all that other stuff," Valentine said.

Back to recruiting, there is another school that Valentine hears from often -- Louisville.

"More their coach just keeps inboxing me telling me to come play with the best defensive line, and line coach in the nation. They do stay in touch with me," Valentine said.

And how many times in the past several weeks has he been asked if he is solid to Miami? A lot.

"Thousands, thousands. I just tuck my head and keep quiet on that. But I am solid, I am solid to the "U," but I want to see these two visits and see how they work out," Valentine said. "I am 100-percent but want to see how these two schools work out."

He added, "I want to feel at home and I want to see how everything goes. I am a family man so I just hope everything goes well with my official visits."

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