USAAB: WR Myles Autry

SAN ANTONIO-- Norcross (Ga.) wide receiver Myles Autry is one of the top uncommitted prospects in the 2014 class and he continues to attract a lot of interest. The Norcross product talks about all of that and more, here.

Oregon capped off its season with a 30-7 win over Texas in the Alamo Bowl on Monday night, and the win did not go unnoticed by Norcross (Ga.) 2014 wide receiver Myles Autry, who was just down the street in San Antonio preparing to play in the U.S. Army All-American game on Saturday. The four-star speedster continues to keep in touch with Oregon coach Gary Campbell.

"I just talked to the Oregon and coach Campbell yesterday," Autry said. "We were talking about when I was going to set up my official and he told me the were playing in San Antonio. I told him I was here and he was excited about that."

Autry already has his mind set on taking an official out to Eugene, however he has yet to set any firm dates for a future trip. Aside from the Ducks there are three other schools near the top of Autry's list: Ohio State, Florida State, and Georgia Tech.

The Norcross (Ga.) standout grew up watching Buckeye football and idolizing former players like: Troy Smith, Santonio Holmes, and Tedd Ginn Jr.

"Ohio State has always my dream school," Autry said. "They have always been up there and have always been one of my favorites. I remember watching their National Championship game against Florida way back, so I have been on them forever."

Speaking of playing for a National Championship, the Seminoles will playing in the BCS Title game later this month and they also happen to be high on Autry's list.

"I love Florida State, even before they were No. 1 in the country-- even before they were the Florida State they are now-- this summer and still --I talk to Jimbo Fisher and Charles Kelly, and we have a great connection."

"My boy Jameis Winston, I knew him before he was "Jameis Winston, we were boys," Autry said. "I love the state of Florida and Tallahassee it's a great city, I always have fun there. It is going to be a hard decision."

Jameis Winston and Autry might be close, but there is no one closer to the slot receiver than his very own brother, Anthony Autry, who is a sophomore wide out at Georgia Tech.

"My brother just wants the best for me, but he also wants me to play with him. He sees that we could change Georgia Tech's organization around," Autry said. "We could be the Autry boys running Atlanta so he is always recruiting me, and I always wanted to play with my brother as a young kid. So Tech is in a great spot right now."

Anthony is not the only member of Autry's family that wants to keep the young playmaker in the Peach State.

"My mom wants the best for me, but me committing to [Georgia] Tech would be the best for my mom," Autry said. "She would just be 30 min away from them its great for her she would love for me to commit there so yes it would always I am a big fan of my mom. I always want to see my mom happy so she will be a big role in my decision."

He added: Yes it would always be good to play with my brother," Autry said. I am a big fan of my mom I always want to see my mom happy so she will be a big role in my decision."

Still, Autry is in no hurry to pick a school. After the Army All-American game on Saturday, the four-star stand out plans to sit down and pick dates for his official visits to Ohio State, Florida State, and Florida, among others before officially announcing on signing day.

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