USAAAB: Demetrius Knox

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – Texas offensive lineman Demetrius Knox talks with following the first practice at the Army Bowl….

Ohio State four-star commit Demetrius Knox is loving the competition at the Army Bowl.

"It is pretty cool," Knox explained. "I think it is a good preview for college. We are always used to being the best at our position at school and just running through guys and we get out here and it's a stalemate sometimes."

"It is pretty cool."

Knox has not lost a game in two years at Fort Worth (Texas) All Saints, collecting two SPC Championships.

"Not many people can say in their four years of high school that they have only lost five games, so I am used to winning, so I am going to go up to Ohio State and continue that," Knox informed. "They are used to winning."

"Basically coming from a program like All Saints we are used to winning and I just don't know how losing feels too much and I just wanted to continue that up at Ohio State."

"They said that the past is reoccurring and ever since 2000-2001 Ohio State has won at least 10 games every year, except that one year of sanctions."

"That is the place for me."

Knox is turning up his recruiting game, telling a five-star defensive end form his neck of the woods to join him in Columbus.

"We are out here trying to get Solomon Thomas," Knox said with a smile.

"Me and him are good friends. We both live in Texas and we have been in a lot of camps together."

"I have been telling him everything I know about Ohio State. He is a smart kid and he will wind up doing what is best for him. Hopefully that is Ohio State."

Knox visited Ohio State for the Wisconsin game.

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