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Genard Avery out of Grenada, Miss., played MLB for most of his career until he arrived in Montgomery, Ala., for the MS-AL game. Team Mississippi moved him to defensive end where he found success all week during the All-Star event. What happened next caught him by surprise.

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"Everybody started calling the day after I got home," Avery said. "It was wild. They had me playing defensive end in the All-Star game, even though I'm a middle linebacker. But I like defensive end better. When they saw me playing end I got a lot of exposure. The day I got home coach (Hugh) Freeze and coach (Matt) Luke (for Ole Miss) called me. Southern Miss offered him the next day. California and Kansas State started calling me. It has been kind of wild."

What did the Ole Miss coaches tell the first team All-State (6A) selection?

"Coach Luke told me I played well. They said they were coming to my school on January 17th. Coach Luke actually called me back yesterday. He said he's going to try and make something happen on the day when he comes to see me. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they have an offer for me."

What did California say?

"They said they liked me at middle linebacker but they wanted to move me around a lot and play some end, too. After the All-Star game they got in touch with me a couple days before Christmas. They said they were going to offer me if my transcript checked out. I've been talking to their defensive coordinator a lot lately."

Kansas State is looking to add, too.

"I talk to them a lot now. Their defensive line coach started calling me after the All-Star game. They like me at defensive end. They said they're filled up right now, but they're going to let me know when one opens up. That's what coach Luke (for Ole Miss) said. As soon as one opens up he is going to find a spot for me. Coach Luke said he has been watching me play for two years, and recruiting me, and he is just waiting for a spot to free up."

The Rebels like the 6' 2", 240-pounder as an end as well.

"They said they like me at defensive end. They liked how explosive I was in the All-Star game. They liked how I stayed in the offensive backfield and how physical I played. I dn't even play end. If I would have played end the whole time in high school I would have already had some SEC offers in my opinion. I made a new highlight film last week with me playing some end. My coach sent it out and that is when Cal called. They loved it."

What is going on with Southern Miss?

"They actually like me at middle linebacker. They offered me right after the All-Star game. I'm going over there for a visit on the 24th. They like how I can move around for my size. I talk to Picasso Nelson (out of Oak Grove) a lot too. He's always encouraging me to be a Eagle."

The MVP for Region 1 (6A) has another official visit lined up in addition to USM.

"I'm going to Memphis on 1/17. They offered me as well. I want to take a visit to Ole Miss, too, but if they don't want me then they don't want me. I've gotten really close to a lot of their commits like Breeland Speaks, C.J. Hampton, Sammie Epps and Alvin and Calvin Moore. They've been putting in the good word for me with the Ole Miss staff. They're just telling me to be patient. I'd like to visit California as well. I have never been to California so that'd be cool."

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