CeCe Jefferson with Game

CeCe Jefferson will be one of the most heavily recruited players in all of Florida for the class of 2015 regardless of position. He is currently a five star player and the No 1 ranked defensive end prospect in America.

CeCe Jefferson transferred from Glen Saint Mary (Fla) Baker County Senior High School to Jacksonville (Fla) Trinity Christian Academy. The 6-foot-3, 255-pound defensive linemen will join standouts Kevin Toliver, Jeffery Holland, Kendrick Norton, Victor Alexander and Deontai Williams in an already loaded program.

"The best part of my game is my hands," CeCe Jefferson said. "I've been working on them so much this off season because that's something I needed to improve on. Something I do better than anyone at my position is confuse my opponent by using juke moves and stuff. I credit that to me previously being a running back."

It's almost impossible to imagine what the recruiting process is like for Jefferson. What would it be like for a day to walk in his shoes?

"To the fans the feeling is AMAZING," CeCe Jefferson said. "I feel that way because I know that everyone isn't able to have this opportunity. An average day for me is crazy, lots of people asking me where I'm going and I get tons of mail."

Jefferson is never satisfied with his game and is always looking to improve.

"Some of my goals for the off season are too get bigger, stronger and faster and more flexible," Jefferson said. "As far as trips I haven't decided yet."

Jefferson has offers from every major program in the country including Alabama, Florida and Florida State.

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