Johnson Adds New Offers, Rearranges List

ASA - The College for Excellence offensive tackle, Kelby Johnson, has added some impressive offers since the dead period has came to a close. Which schools does the 6-foot-8 offensive tackle plan to visit before Signing Day?

After previously naming a top two of South Florida and Kansas before the recruiting dead period went into effect on Dec. 16, the recruiting process has drastically changed for 6-foot-8 ASA - The College for Excellence offensive tackle, Kelby Johnson.

The massive offensive lineman took a trip down to the Sunshine State on Dec. 13 to checkout the South Florida Bulls and came away impressed. Johnson was set to take his third official visit to East Carolina over the weekend, but due to some new scholarship offers, the former Virginia Cavalier had other plans.

"It was supposed to be this coming weekend, but I ended up telling the coaches that I would try to move it to next weekend," Johnson said. "I didn't have anything set-in-stone, and I'm supposed to go up to Louisville this weekend. They offered me recently."

It wasn't just Louisville who decided to pursue the 6-foot-8, 315-pound specimen.

"Next week, Ole Miss wanted me to come out there too. They offered me as well," Johnson said. "Kentucky also offered me, but they haven't been talking much because I think they thought something was going on with my credits, but everything is fine. They called me today and said they wanted me to come on a visit too."

With new offers on the table for Johnson, it appears that the South Florida Bulls are no longer under consideration.

"Yeah, I can see myself living down there (Tampa Bay) because I love the area, but me being a football player, I want to go somewhere where there's some more competition, big time games and stuff like that," Johnson said. "I want to go bigger. I feel like I can play on a big level and everything. I'm getting all my opportunities back."

It sounds like East Carolina might suffer the same fate as the Bulls.

"East Carolina, they've been recruiting me since the start," Johnson said. "I definitely do like that they have a winning program and a good offense, but I want to play in a big time conference. The AAC isn't bad, but I want to play in some big-time games."

Going forward, the Junior-College prospect has three schools that are sticking out among the rest.

"My top three I would say are Louisville, Ole Miss and Kansas," Johnson said. "That's in no order either."

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