One more visit and then a decision for Lee

The final recruit from the class of 2014 will be on campus beginning today as Trevon Lee makes his way to Durham. Before heading out, he spoke with TDD to provide an update of where things stand on the eve of his visit.

"Right now it's 50/50 between Duke and Vanderbilt," said Trevon Lee. "I am going to visit Duke for the next few days and then come home to decide on Sunday night. After that, I'm going to try to announce my decision on Monday."

Lee, who is considered a three star prospect by, will be flying to Durham on Thursday with his father to being his official visit. Though it may seem odd for a prospect to fly up for a Thursday through Saturday visit, there was a method to the madness for Duke.

"Coach Cutcliffe will be heading out on Friday afternoon to make it up for the Super Bowl, so they asked if we could work on moving the day up. It wasn't a problem for us."

Before departing, however, Cutcliffe and his coaching staff have promised a big weekend that'll include film study, facility and academic tours, and much more. However, on Wednesday afternoon that wasn't the topic of conversation for Lee as the Duke coaches made a final in-home visit.

"They were really just talking about things that had nothing to do with football. We talked about school, the Super Bowl, and things like that. We are going to talk football heavily on the visit, so it was nice just to visit and catch up."

After returning home to Florida on Saturday evening, Lee and his father plan to sit down and compare and contrast Duke and Vanderbilt and the opportunities at each program. From where he sits, the talented WR says there's not a lot of difference in positive points between the two.

"Really, they are both elite academic schools with great football opportunities. It'll really come down to where I felt the most comfortable and where I feel I have the best relationships. Whichever school I choose, I feel like I can't go wrong."

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