U-M Could be "Good Fit" for Frasier (Part 1)

Princeton (N.C.) RB Johnny Frasier has rapidly become a major target on Michigan's 2015 recruiting board. After extending a scholarship offer a few weeks back Brady Hoke dropped by the talented youngster's school this week. In part one of his chat with GoBlueWolverine the rising prospect to reflected upon his season, discussed his game, his interest in Michigan, and more.

Sam Webb:  Take me back to your high school year, and tell me how things went for you on the football field. 

Johnny Frasier:  “They went pretty great you know.  We came a short in the end but we had a great year. We finished in 9-4.  We lost the state champion in the second round.  I finished with 3045 yards rushing and 25 rushing touchdowns.  I had 555 yards receiving with five more touchdowns.  I had like seven just all around all purpose touchdowns, kick returns and stuff like that.” 

Sam Webb:  Those are huge numbers.  Obviously you make huge plays, but it seems like on a national level you might be a little bit under the radar.  Do you feel that way and why do you think that is? 

Johnny Frasier:  “I do because, you know, I am coming from a smaller school and my coach lets me play only half of a game.  There are only three games I played a whole game this season.  Most of the time I just play half a game.  I think it is because we are a smaller school and I am not the type of person that is going to rag and boast about myself because I don’t think there is no call for it.  I would rather give my team credit because it takes eleven people on the field to do it, not just one.  I am not really down for the fame and everything.  I just love playing football.  I just want to go to college and get my education.” 

Sam Webb:  That makes perfect sense.  Well this is not an invitation for you to boast but I want you to just be real about your game.  Pretend you’re a coach or a scout in the stands and you’re watching Johnny Frasier on the football field.  Kind of break down his game.  Kind of give me a scouting report. 

Johnny Frasier:  “First of all, I’m a power runner, you know.  I can hit jukes, but I will run you over just as quick as I can. Then if I (get in the in the open field) it is just a foot race.  Most the time if you put me one on one with a safety, I’m going against myself.  Great hands, I’ve been working on that all this year catching the ball out of the back field.  I just get receive routes coming out of the backfield, straight line speed is just ridiculous.  If I get my first three steps off, you are going to have a hard time getting me down.  I run confident because I have great people around me.  Everybody is going to do their job, so I don’t have to worry about someone else in you know.  I’m really a team player.” 

Sam Webb:  What is your height, your weight, and you 40 time? 

Johnny Frasier:  “I’m 5’11”, I weigh 200 even, I run the 4.4, 40.” 

Sam Webb:  From what I understand you are a track guy too.  Kind of give me an idea of your events on the track and some of your best times. 

Johnny Frasier:  “I run the 100, the 200, I did hurdles for awhile, long jump, triple jump.  I came second in a state meet and I ran a 10.7.” 

Sam Webb:  What about in the 200? 

Johnny Frasier:  “I didn’t run the 200 in state.  The coach must wanted me to do 100.” 

Sam Webb:  So off the top of your head, do you know how many scholarship offers you have? 

Johnny Frasier:  “I have eight.” 

Sam Webb:  What are those schools? 

Johnny Frasier:  “North Carolina State, UNC-Chapel Hill, Penn State, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Wake Forest, Michigan.” 

Sam Webb:  Let us talk about the Michigan offer.  Did you know it was coming or did it catch you by surprise? 

Johnny Frasier:  “It was random.  My coach told me to call the Michigan coach just out of the blue.  They told me that they think I am a great player and they think I fit into what they are trying get back into and they offered me on the spot.” 

Sam Webb:  You said it was random.  Is Michigan a school that you had any interest in before that point in time or are you now interested all of a sudden because they have shown interest in you? 

Johnny Frasier:  “I just started playing my freshman year so I really don’t know much about schools.  I really didn’t think I was going to get offers.  I really didn’t do much research but now I have done research of all the teams and yeah, I like their style of play, especially the offensive coordinator was telling me how they want to get back to ground and pound.  They want to run the ball a lot more.  So, I really think they will be a good fit.”

Stay tuned for part two coming later this evening.

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