The CF.C conversation with Kaleb McGary

KALEB McGARY TELLS COUGFAN.COM he has informed the coaches of his three finalists -- Washington State, Washington and Wisconsin -- that he doesn't want to take any more calls, that now is the time for he and his family to talk amongst themselves and come to a decision. But the 4-star prospect out of Fife was good enough to engage in an extended talk with CF.C before entering the cone of silence...

It turned out to be a marathon text message session on Friday between Kaleb McGary and The 6-8, 280-pound offensive line/defensive end prospect weighed in on a number of topics.

COUGFAN.COM: The football part of it has been talked about tons so let's look at the other big factor you've mentioned - the post-football benefits of a school: What's your take on how Wisconsin, UW and Washington State differ in that area?

McGary: Wisconsin is an incredible place, from the school right down to the people. They have a large alumni program and an elite level education plus the kind of surroundings that I like, just about the perfect place.

UW, they have a great alumni base too, and I'm very familiar with their programs. And they too have an excellent academic program. I don't really care for Seattle, but, maybe it'd grow on me.

WSU also has a larger alumni network than I had thought, and a surprising number of very successful alumni. And it has the benefit of being close enough to my family that they can come watch games - but also has the surroundings I like.

COUGFAN.COM: From an education standpoint and what you want to go into, how do the schools measure up with one another?

McGary: I'd like to major in business or wildlife conservation and have a minor in whichever of the two I don't major in. Graduation rates are higher at UW and Wisconsin, but, success is largely dependent on the individual.

WSU has more agricultural variety, while UW has a higher grad rate. Wisconsin in my opinion has it all, but is 1800+ miles away.

WSU has huge loyalty, people that go to WSU are insanely loyal, and that's the kind of person I am. Loyalty is a lost trait these days, and they still have it.

UW is very close to home, a good degree.

COUGFAN.COM: An article yesterday referred to you having said Wisconsin was your leader at the moment, and that you were trying to decide whether or not you'd be comfortable attending college and playing 'ball that far away. Is that indeed pretty much where things are for you right now?

McGary: I wouldn't say they are the leader, but in my honest opinion, they're the ultimate school for someone like me, a competitor, in the sense that I hate losing, in every way, shape and form. Losing is everything you hate in life, and they are old school, grind you down until you just can't fight back, football.

And they're good at it, the fans are hilarious, I love the chanting they do, and they have great grad rates and a powerful degree. They're just so far (away.)

COUGFAN.COM: I'm sure your parents love all three schools. But is there one that they like just a touch more than the others?

McGary: Honestly they haven't really expressed one that they rather I go to.

COUGFAN.COM: Some sites and fans have said you could decide today, others have said maybe not 'til Wednesday -- and then other speculation still on all dates in between. So that the readers can hear it from you, what's your planned announcement time frame? And if there's anything else you want to add, have at it.

McGary: Honestly I don't know when I will decide. It'll happen when it happens. If I can pick early I give other recruits a chance and the schools I don't pick.

COUGFAN.COM: Thanks Kaleb, have a good Friday.

McGary: You too.

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