DE Blue Details Flip to Rutgers

Raleigh (N.C.) Millbrook defensive end Sam Blue flipped his commitment from Georgetown to Rutgers at the end of his official visit, and he spoke with about it.

A week ago Raleigh (N.C.) Millbrook defensive end Sam Blue was heading to Georgetown, but that was before a late push by Rutgers.

On Sunday, at the end of his official visit, the 6-foot-3, 225-pounder was offered a scholarship and committed to coach Kyle Flood.

"I committed to Georgetown because I had taken a visit there and I really liked it," Blue said. "Then, Rutgers started visiting me and they invited me for an official visit, and I took it this weekend. I really enjoyed it, loved it.

"I got to meet everybody …the coaches, all the players, and I loved it Everybody was so great. They have the same goals, passion, to play football. I fell in love with the place so I committed then."

As a senior, Blue put up big numbers. He made 118 tackles, including a staggering 52 behind the line of scrimmage and 19 sacks, as he rushed off the edge.

The lure of playing in the Big Ten, and facing teams such as Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State and others was also important.

"Just the thought of it is amazing," Blue said. "You see those schools playing to t.v. every day, and growing up and being fans of these schools, to actually get a chance to go and play against them is just amazing. The thought of it is great."

He said Rutgers' style of play is also a big attraction.

"They get after it every play," Blue said. "They do a great job of getting to the quarterback, stopping the run. It seems like a great system and one I respect highly. They are a great defense and I feel like I can fit in there well."

Blue was hosted by freshman defensive tackle Sebastian Joseph, and the two hit off.

"He was really funny," Blue said. "He was a great guy. He is somebody that makes a joke out of everything, so it was a good time with him."

Blue added what stood out about Rutgers was the feel around the program.

"When I got up here and got the feel of everything, I just loved it," Blue said. "It was a decision I made on Saturday that when I got a chance to talk to the head coach, I was going to go ahead and commit."

He is also excited to play for defensive line coach Jim Panagos, and e players spoke highly of him.

"They say he's such a great," Blue said. "He's like the nicest guy you meet off the field, and then on the field he becomes a monster (in a good way), and he's a hands on, excitement kind of guy. That's really somebody I'd like to play under. That's the kind of coaching I like. He's such a great person. He cares a lot about his players. You can definitely see that with the relationship he has."

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