NSD Impact: Solomon Thomas

Scout.com breaks down what Stanford is getting in its new five-star defensive end commitment...

DE Solomon Thomas
6'3 | 256


A throw-back defensive lineman who could honestly excel in a 3-4 or a 4-3 defensive front, because he is disciplined. He is very powerful at the point of attack. His power combined with his quickness allows him to get leverage on offensive linemen and control him.

He can get pressure on the quarterback, but is best against the run. He has a real knack for finding the ball carrier and bringing him down behind the line of scrimmage.

He has a strong upper body, gets positioning and then uses a quick burst to chew up the distance between him and the ball carrier. Once he locks on you are getting tackled.


Thomas is very physically gifted and has been ahead of the curve in that regard since he stepped foot on the field. In the past few days people have mentioned his length as an area of concern to his game, but he is not that rangy edge defensive end to begin with. He is stout and powerful, but I would not think his arm length to be an issue. He is only 6'3, so offensive tackles will generally have a reach advantage on him, but I doubt that matters as he moves around the line in college.


Because of his strength Thomas is likely a player who can come in right away and push for playing time. He should come in to any rotation and add depth. Not sure a red-shirt year will benefit him much physically and he is an excellent student, so he will not need to get adhered to the college system academically.


He uses hands extremely well and can use his power and speed to collapse the pocket, but will need to work on his outside speed and edge rush moves.

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