Grant Harris: Signing Day Transcript

While he took it down to the wire, Grant Harris reports that he has known for some time that Mississippi State was his college destination even offering reassurance to the Bulldog coaching staff during his official visit to Starkville. While the talented three star did take two more official visit after his time at MSU, his mind was made up.

Opening comments from Clinton High School head football coach Judd Boswell : "Good morning guys and thank you for coming. We are glad that you are here today at Clinton High School to celebrate a young man and his accomplishments.

"Mr. Grant Harris will be making his announcement today and we are super excited for him. We are super excited for the family, for Clinton High School and the school he is going to, because we know that he will represent us well.

"I am going to ask the Harrises to come up here and have a seat and we'll find out what Mr. Harris is going to do."

Grant Harris announces his intentions to attend Mississippi State.

"It's been a great journey and I would just like to help everybody that has helped me through this journey.

"The school that I am going to pick today is because I feel like it's the most family environment and I feel at peace with this place and it's going to be Mississippi State. "

Why Mississippi State?

"Like I said, it's just the place that I feel most at peace with. I have a great relationship with the D line coach (David Turner) and that's the place I want to be and it's the place that I feel at peace with."

When did you make your final decision?

"It was on the official visit. I knew that I wanted to go there then, but I still wanted to take my other official visits to confirm that was where I really wanted to be."

What have the past two weeks been like waiting for this moment?

"It has been kind of hectic with coaches calling. They want to know what you want to do. I just wanted to keep it until the end and I wanted to do it right and be sure that I made the right decision."

Does it feel like you made the right decision?

"Yeah, it feels like I made the right decision. I feel at peace with it."

Talk more about your relationship with Coach Turner

"We have a good relationship. Ever since they came in the door recruitment me, he's been right there and he's not even my recruiter. That's a real big deal for me to have my defensive line coach really recruiting me."

What have they said about your position?

"I sat down with Coach Turner and we were talking about defensive end, but if I gain weight, I know I am going to go inside. I am not even worried about that."

What does it mean to have a day like today where everything just sort of pays off?

"It makes everything feel like it all paid off. All of the hard work you did, all of the running and all of the springs and all of that feels like it finally paid off, so it feels great."

What type of player do you see yourself on the next level?

"I see myself as a player that can make a lot of plays for the team. Wherever I need to be put is where I want to be put to help the team. I want to be better and help make the team better."

When did you notify the coaches at Mississippi State?

"I told Coach (Greg) Knows about a week and a half ago."

Has it been hard keeping it a secret this long?

"Yes, it has been very hard (Laughs)"

Grant, you were the last highly rated guy in Mississippi to announce your decision. How do you feel having the eyes of the entire state on you today?

"It feels good. My mom and dad have always said that it feels good to be wanted and I feel good about how everything turned out."

What do you feel like you need to work on between now and next season?

"Coach Mullen just told me to stay hungry and keep working hard."

Final comments from Grant's father: "Let me just say this if I can. We are so grateful for Clinton High School, for Dr. Burchfield, Coach Boswell and all of the coaches at Clinton High School and administrators.

"It's just been a fabulous journey thanks to the work that they have done.

"We are appreciative of athletic director Norton and all of his assistance.

"It has been a great journey for all of us and we have enjoyed it.

"We are grateful for all of the coaches and all that they have done for Grant.

"They have gone above and beyond and even after the season, Coach Isaac was still telling Grant 'get your butt up we have to go work out'.

"It's been great being a part of all of this and we are looking forward to seeing him transition into the next phase of his life."

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