4th Quarter -- 2016 UCLA Prospects

A nmber of standout sophomore prospects participated in the 4th Quarter 7-on-7 event Sunday that UCLA is recruiting hard already...

Trevon Sidney
2016 Prospects

Trevon Sidney -- ATH, La Puente Bishop Amat. Still young looking, Sidney was a playmaker, on both sides of the ball. While he might be better suited for cornerback, he made some very impressive plays as a wide receiver Sunday, particularly in going up for jump balls against taller defensive backs. Being just a sophomore he could definitely grow, currently at about 5-10 and 165, but with long legs and a short torso, and a baby face. UCLA has offered him, his only offer, and he was sporting a UCLA headband throughout the day.

Steffon McKnight -- DB, San Diego Mira Mesa. Sidney had many touches while McKnight had just a couple all day. He did, though, for a sophomore, have good size, at least 6-0, if not 6-1, and about 180. He moved very well, too, and was able to cover ground quickly, and stay with much smaller receivers. He has a UCLA offer.

Lokeni Toailoa -- LB, Rialto Carter. One of UCLA's most recent offers, Toailoa moved well for a linebacker and was physical, in even 7-on-7. Perhaps the only question was his size: he's about 6-1 and probably 200 pounds, not the 6-2, 220 he's listed. But he is just a sophomore and the body looked like it has some upside.

Micah Croom -- S, Long Beach Poly. A great-looking prospect physically at about 6-1 and 185, we didn't see Croom do that much in the 7-on-7 setting, but he definitely moved well for a kid with such good size for his age. We've heard that UCLA is all over him.

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Josh Rosen's team dropped out. They showed up in the morning, and then were told they wouldn't play until after three and then dropped.

Stanley Norman wasn't participating, but we spoke to him. I made him take off the USC beanie to get a pic of him.

Since I know everyone is so into the team fashion, Iman Marshall put on USC warm-up pants later in the day.

Jaylinn Hawkins, who said he's not hearing from UCLA, was wearing USC gloves.

The 7-on-7 environment is not a great place to evaluate prospects. But some guys we liked:

Dechaun Holiday
Dechaun Holiday -- really big kid, easily 6-2 and probably 190+. Projecting him, he looks like he'll be too big to be a corner, but he showed quickness and good instincts. Good athleticism, but looked far more comfortable on the defensive side of the ball, so probably a safety.

Iman Marshall -- About 6-1.5 and at least 190. He's prety built-out already and it's going to be interesting to see if he stays at corner in college. We know he wants to be, because a 6-2ish, 215-pound corner sounds good to the NFL, but it's a matter of whether he'll be able to actually play the position at that size. He has a great body, but we can only see it getting bigger, and would have to project him as a safety also (we know he won't want to hear that). He mostly uses his strength to press and chuck everyone at the line and then recover from that. I really want to see him in one-on-ones next week at the Nike Camp.

Lavan Alston -- WR, Ventura St. Bonaventure. About 5-11, great body, wide-ish shoulders, good frame, good musculature -- and a very good burst. Was wide open most of the day, particularly deep, and caught the ball when it was thrown to him. Really looking forward to seeing him at the Nike Camp, to see if his ball skills are there or if he's just a speed guy.

Ykili Ross -- WR/DB, Riverside Poly. One of the best prospects today. He's about 6-1 and probably 190, and very well-built and proportional. He played wide receiver and safety, and when you play safety in 7-on-7 you practically never come close to the ball, so we mostly were limited to evaluating him as a receiver. Dropped the first couple of balls thrown to him, but then rebounded and looked very exceptional. Looked explosive, fast and elusive -- and showed good hands the rest of the day. He had the juke of the day, too. This was a good offer by UCLA. I want to seem him work at the Nike Camp as both a receiver and DB, but to me he looked like a receiver today.

Malik Lovette
Malik Lovette -- RB/WR, Redlands East Valley. Didn't touch the ball for a long time on his team, but when he did he made an impact. Had a couple of very nice catches to basically win one game. He's about 5-10 to 5-11 and probably about 190, and well-built in his lower body with thick legs. He looks physically more like a running back. UCLA has offered and he might be the option for a running back.

Kyahva Tezino -- LB, L.A. Salesian. He is about 6-0.5 and about 190-ish. We didn't see hm play since the rounds were delayed, but he did tell us that he's getting recruited as a linebacker/safety, and that UCLA is recruiting him as an athlete.

Isaiah Renfro -- WR, Chatsworth Sierra Canyon. Worked at both WR and S for a loaded B2G 5-star team, and we have to admit we didn't see him do anything over the course of three games, but it could just be because the team was so loaded. He's about 6-0, maybe 6-1.

Equanimeous St. Brown -- WR, Anaheim Servite. If there was a guy at the event we'd say UCLA needed to probably recruit more aggressively, it'd be St. Brown. He's a legit 6-4, maybe taller, and a good 200 pounds. He's filled out more since we last saw him and has really put on good weight. For his size he runs really well, runs nice routes and has very good hands. He looked pretty fast for how big he was and, as we said, very smooth running at his size. We know that USC, Stanford and Notre Dame have offered and are recruiting him hard.

Jaylinn Hawkins -- WR, Buena Park. Hawkins looks like he hasn't developed much physically, at about 6-0 and probably 175. He runs good routes and has good hands, but looked probably second tier compared to other WRs here. He said UCLA wasn't really recruiting him.

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