Akamnonu 'Amazed' By Texas Tech Visit

6-foot-5, 260-pound rising 2015 offensive lineman prospect Madison Akamnonu from Arlington Bowie was all about Texas Tech and Lubbock after visiting on Wednesday's practice. Get the details inside.

Arlington Bowie offensive tackle Madison Akamnonu was pleasantly surprised by two aspects of his visit to Texas Tech on Wednesday.

The first shocker was how much he liked Lubbock. Akamnonu, who made the trip with his parents and siblings, had been told not to expect much.

"I thought Oklahoma was going to be my school after I visited, but that was just because it was the first school I visited," Akamnonu said. "Then when I went to Tech I was actually kind of amazed, because Texas Tech just impressed me all day. When I went up there I was just like 'oh, there's actually stuff to do up here.' It's a pretty big school. Whenever I went to Oklahoma it was cool, but it was only OU, that's it. There wasn't a lot of stuff, it was pretty small in comparison."

The second came in the form of a scholarship offer from offensive line coach Lee Hays.

"When I got there at first they showed me all their jerseys, all the uniforms they wore during the year and all their sweats and everything," he said. "Then we walked out onto the field and that's when coach Hays pulled me aside and he told me to tell coach (Eric) Morris that I just got offered by coach Hays."

Akamnonu, listed at 6-foot-5, 260 pounds, said he left the practice field impressed by what saw from the Red Raiders, especially the tempo of the workout.

"I thought it was going to be longer, I mean it was two hours but it didn't feel like two hours. It felt like we were only out there an hour because it was so upbeat," he said. "They went through all the drills, going through all the insider drills, locking it out; it was just really upbeat."

He also enjoyed meeting and hanging out with some of the current Tech players and many of the coaches. Akamnonu added coach Eric Morris is heading up his recruitment, but he also hears a lot from coach Hays and occasionally Kevin Curtis.

Akamnonu said he doesn't have a leader or top list of schools, but plans on visiting Texas for a spring practice on Mar. 22 and Oklahoma State on Apr. 5, and didn't rule out a return visit to Lubbock on Texas Tech's next junior day. He currently holds offers from Tech, Colorado State, Kansas State, North Texas and Texas State, but expect him to receive plenty more by February.

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