Evaluation: Travis Waller

Travis Waller is one of Arizona's top priorities at quarterback. Read on to see what we say about his strengths, weaknesses, and more.


Travis Waller is a stellar athlete and possesses more athletic skills than your average quarterback and has good size (6'2). He runs the read-option well and is consistent with his decision-making on the ground. Waller can turn on the jets quickly and will almost always find open space and follow his blocks towards the sideline. He's shifty and elusive and makes defenders miss. As a thrower, Waller can chuck the deep ball accurately, hitting his receivers in stride. Also possesses good arm strength.


Although Waller can throw the deep ball accurately, his decision-making can raise eyebrows at times. Sometimes throws into double, or even triple coverage down field. Although this might work most of the time in high school, these instincts and decisions will not work at the next playing level. Sometimes throws cross-body as well. Needs to get bigger (weighs 175 pounds).


Waller's athleticism will get him to the next level without a doubt. If he can fix and improve on his decision-making during his senior season, even more colleges will be calling his name. His good arm and accuracy should also get him to the next level. Waller has already received offers from Arizona, Colorado, Washington, and BYU. He would be able to make an immediate impact in the quarterback mix if he signed with the Wildcats. Expect more offers to shoot into Waller's mailbox within the next year.

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