Bears Host Two-Way SoCal Talent

An innocent phone call and a trip to Grandma's house turned into an on-campus visit for a SoCal defender on Sunday.

Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother's house Breland Brandt went, but after visiting Granny, the 2015 outside linebacker decided that, since he was around, he may as well pay a visit to the California coaching staff.

"That's actually why we came here; we came here to visit my grandma," said the Los Angeles Windward two-way star. "I happened to call Coach and let him know we were here, and I got a chance to take the unofficial."

The Golden Bears were Brandt's second scholarship offer, but he had yet to visit the campus or speak with the coaches in person. Because of the impromptu nature of the visit, Brandt wasn't able to meet the new defensive coaching staff, which wants him as an outside linebacker. They were unable to get back into the office on short notice.

"I didn't get a chance to see them, but I talked with coach [Zach] Yenser and got the chance to meet coach [Sonny] Dykes, and that was cool," Brandt said. "They said that I was the kind of guy they were looking for. They switched up the program, from what I understand, and I'm one of those guys that they wanted on their team and who they were really going after. That was good to hear. It was definitely motivational. It makes you work harder."

Brandt and area recruiter Zach Yenser have already formed a close bond.

"My favorite part was meeting coach Dykes and getting to hang out with coach Yenser," Brandt said. "That was great, just hanging out with the coaches and building a better relationship with them was really fun. Coach Yenser is a really cool guy. I like him. He's fun to talk to, and I feel comfortable around him. He's agood guy. I like him."

The fact that Cal was one of the first schools to go in on Brandt means a lot to the 6-foot-4, 210-pounder, and was one of the reasons he felt comfortable enough to give the staff a call in the middle of the day to ask if he could come by.

"It definitely makes me feel pretty good, and I enjoyed the campus, I like them," Brandt said. "I won't be making any decisions any time soon, but they're definitely high on my list. When it does come to decision time, I'm sure they'll be in the running, because I have family out here. I always come out to San Francisco, to see my grandmother, and, like I said, I really enjoyed the campus. I like it a lot. I like them a lot."

Brandt projects as an outside linebacker for Cal, and though he's playing a bit more tight end this coming season, he's definitely a defensive guy at heart.

"I like it on the defensive side of the ball," Brandt said. "I'm more of a defensive guy. I like to get after it and hit guys. Defense is where I see myself."

Brandt is a 3.0 student and will be taking his SAT in the coming year.

"Academics are a huge part," Brandt said. "I want to go into sports medicine after football, so I have to keep my grades up for that. I want to make sure I can help athletes. It will be a good thing for me, because I've actually played and I can relate to the guys more, their injuries and their aches and their pains and things like that."

Brandt wants to make it back up to Berkeley very soon, but isn't sure if he'll be able to make it out for a spring practice, which starts on Monday.

"We talked about maybe trying to get to the [spring] game, but I'm not entirely sure," Brandt said. "I know we'll be up here sooner rather than later, for sure."

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