S.C. DE Takes in UNC Practice

While visiting family in Durham, Rasool Clemons decided to drop by North Carolina's practice on Wednesday.

"Practice was nice," Clemons said. "It was up tempo. Everybody was excited for me to be there."

While on the field, Clemons, a 6-foot-7, 200-pound defensive end from Aiken (S.C.) South, spoke briefly with the UNC coaches. He figures to have a more lengthy conversation when he returns to campus on Saturday for UNC's Spring Game.

"I talked mostly with Coach [Ron] West," Clemons said. "He told me he was glad to have me there and he talked about the position I'd be playing if I were to go there."

According to Clemons, UNC projects the New Jersey native as a Bandit.

"I don't think [Bandit] would be a big difference from what I already do," Clemons said. "But I'm sure there will be aspects that are new and I like trying things new so I like [the idea of playing Bandit]."

In addition to wide receiver, Clemons plays defensive end and outside linebacker for South Aiken. He ended his junior season with 80 tackles, including 20 for a loss and 8.5 sacks, and four forced fumbles.

Clemson, Florida State, Kentucky, LSU, Tennessee, and Virginia have offered Clemons. His recruited position varies for each. LSU, for example, likes Clemons as a defensive end, while Florida State sees him as an outside linebacker.

"I'm comfortable with doing both," Clemons said. "I can drop back – my freshman year I actually played corner. So I can drop back into coverage or rush the passer."

UNC has yet to offer Clemons and hasn't given him a status update on a potential offer.

Despite being a big LSU fan, Clemons doesn't claim a leader or a list of favorite schools.

"All schools are different," Clemons said. "I don't have a favorite."

Originally, Clemons had planned to wait until after his senior football season to name favorite schools. But now he doesn't want to wait too late and lose opportunities. Thus, he's hoping to establish a group of favorites sometime this fall.

Wednesday was Clemons's first visit to UNC. Despite the brevity, he said he sees a lot of positives in the program.

"I liked it," Clemons said. "I can see myself playing there. It's close to home and I have family in Durham, Charlotte, and Raleigh. I'm a family man and I can't be away from my family for long, so I like that it's close to family. It would be a nice fit, because [my family] could come see me play college ball."

Clemons hopes to learn more about UNC on Saturday.

"I want to see how they compete and how the coaches and players get along," Clemons said. "Like do the coaches get down on [the players] when they don't make a play."

Besides UNC, Clemons has visited Clemson, Florida State, LSU, and Tennessee. He plans to visit Kentucky next month.

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