Camper Raves About Overnight Stay at Maryland

For the third time in two months, Cox (Virginia Beach, Va.) offensive tackle Blake Camper was back in College Park, Md.

For the third time in two months, Cox (Virginia Beach, Va.) offensive tackle Blake Camper was back in College Park, Md. The 6-foot-7, 270 pounder first tripped to Maryland with his father in late February, returned again with his mom and dad for a junior day, and just finished his third visit to UMD April 11-12 for an overnight stay. Needless to say, this most recent trip was quite different than the previous two.

"It went really, really well," said Camper, who holds offers from Virginia, Maryland, Northwestern, Old Dominion and Rutgers. "I got a chance to see all the coaches again and get to know them more than I already had. Coach [Chad] Wilt, Coach [Greg] Studrawa, Coach [Randy] Edsall, they all really like me and they really want me there and are looking forward to continuing the relationship. And I got to spend the night with Michael Dunn and his roommates, and they were great guys."

Camper, whose mother and father joined him on the visit once again, said the main thing he took away from the visit was how well he related to the offensive line coach Studrawa. The Virginia Beach product also harped on Studrawa's coaching ability as well as his knowledge of the game.

"This time is I got a chance to sit down with Coach Studrawa, and I hadn't had a chance to do that too much before. I got to see the little details I hadn't seen before on my earlier visits," Camper said. "Coach Studrawa said he liked the way I moved, how I blocked and my body type. He said how [my body type] would fit perfectly with their offense and the direction Maryland is going with making the transition from the ACC to the Big Ten."

Camper got an even closer look at Studrawa during the April 11 spring game. He said he paid close attention to how the line worked, namely their technique, how they moved and what their jobs were during different plays.

"It was a really good game, and the whole team played really hard. I liked how I was able to see Coach Stud coach in action," Camper said. "I saw what his expectations were for his players, and I thought they did a really good job. From what I've heard Coach Stud, since he arrived, the line has gotten a lot better under him. I really liked what I saw out of the O-line."

The Camper crew spoke to Edsall fairly extensively as well. Camper's mother had a long conversation with Maryland's headman during the junior day last month, and evidently Edsall impressed the family yet again.

"Coach Edsall answered some more questions we had, and I had a really good connection with him," Camper said. "Every time I talk to him I like him more and more. He's a really good guy, and I like how he stresses academics."

The Cox lineman enjoyed spending time with the players as well. While he'd met a few of them during previous visits, he'd yet to have an actual conversation with a current Terp.

"It was great to get to know Mike [Dunn] and his roommates, and it's good to know if I go there I'll be able to fit in with that crew," Camper said. "We were hanging out, and I was talking to them about the school and getting their view of Maryland. They had nothing but good things to say about the school, Coach Edsall and Coach Studrawa.

"And we had a lot of fun hanging out in the dorm rooms. We got some real good pizza, and it was huge. It was so good, and we ate so much (laughs)."

While he's been on campus three times already, Camper said he'd "definitely" like to return yet again at some point this summer.

So, does that mean the Terps could possibly lead for the Virginia product?

"They're definitely up there," Camper said. "But I'm not too sure yet. I'm still thinking all of this stuff through."

Indeed, Camper is keeping all his suitors in play and still has more visits planned. He'll be at Rutgers April 14 and will return to UVA April 25. He has previously visited UMD, UVA, Wake Forest, Duke, Wisconsin, Northwestern, Vanderbilt and North Carolina.

"Honestly, all the schools have good things to offer," Camper said. "It's all a big scramble to me right now. I feel really good about the schools I've seen so far, and of the schools that have offered I feel like I can see myself at any of them. They all have great programs, great academics and I'm comfortable at them all."

The in-state school, Virginia, is the only other school he's seen multiple times, however. As aforementioned, he'll return to Charlottesville for a third trip in late April.

"With UVA, I really like their location, and it's really good academics," Camper said. "I like how they treat their players and how a lot of their players are from my area and I can really connect with them. It will be easier to transition there since I know some players on the team. Coach [Mike] London is great and I like the staff their as well."

While Camper may not be claiming any leaders, he does want to have his school chosen at some point in the next few months.

"I'm thinking a little before the season is when I'll be ready to decide [on a school]," Camper said. "I'm not 100 percent sure what time, but it'll be sometime around mid-August."

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