Midlands Recruiting Mailbag (4/15/14)

Scout.com tackles questions in its weekly Midlands Recruiting Mailbag feature...

Q: With the recent commit of three-star Akilian Butler it seems Boise State seems to be having some really good success in Texas. Are there any other prospects who could come on board from Texas?

A: I would definitely keep an eye on the West Mesquite program. Boise State assistant coach Kyle Ward was the recruiting coordinator at the school prior to becoming a graduate assistant at Texas A&M and assistant coach at Boise State. Josh Butler is the hot name, with an obvious connection,, but the school has enough talent that it could produce a surprise or two. You may remember the name of Scout four-star Kameron Miles, who resurface as a potential target now via Butler JuCo. He was recruited to Texas A&M by Marcel Yates, who also recruited Dylan Sumner-Gardner.

Q: I noticed on the team rankings, it's only listing Texas Tech as having 5 commitments. But, they have 6 and all are listed once you click Texas Tech. I don't think the (team) rankings is computing all 6 commits?

A: You are correct. It is not computing or factoring in any current commits that have yet to be rated (star value) and are currently 'NR'. The 'NR' player in this case is D'Vonta Hinton, who will definitely be rated at some point in the very near future. Hinton is an undersized, but fierce linebacker prospect who racked up around 150 tackles last season. But as to not lower the star average the 'NR' prospects are not factored in the team rankings formula.

Q: Seeing a lot of players who graduated early making impacts in spring games. Is graduating early now something you would recommend?

A: Good question. Some players are even now specifically looking at schools which offer a spot where they can come in early. It does help many get an early jump on their college careers. There are pros and cons to every situation and every player and every player's recruitment situation is extremely unique. So I guess I would recommend it with certain players in certain situations.

Q: Who is the top school in the Big 12 right now?

A: Recruiting wise, Texas is No. 6 overall, but with the addition of John Humphrey I am really liking the class that Baylor is starting off with. Oklahoma is also off to a strong start with its five commits pulling a 3.80 average. Texas Tech and TCU are also currently both in the Top 25, with two players on each commit list yet to be rated at all. So at this early stage the recruiting race is wide open. It must be pointed out that West Virginia -- 1,400 miles away from Austin, Texas -- is currently sitting at No. 10 overall and may have have the most well-rounded class from top to bottom the conference has compiled thus far.

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